Midas.Investments Review Everything You Need To Know

Midas.Investments began in 2018 as a passive income stream generator for cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to help investors in cryptocurrencies gain higher yields of interest.

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In this guide, we will help you understand all of the intricacies of the platform. Most importantly, you will be able to figure out which available plan is best for you.

What is Midas.Investments? 

To begin, you may be asking, what exactly is Midas.Investments? Midas.Investments began in 2018 as a passive income stream generator for cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to help investors in cryptocurrencies gain higher yields of interest.

Midas.Investments Platform

They trade in all types of crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. They boast that their interest rates pay higher yields than you will likely ever see in a traditional bank. In this sense, they are absolutely right.

Most of their crypto assets boast close to 15% interest rates on average, indicating a great source of passive income. However, we will explore their interest rates in more detail later.

The Midas team sets itself apart through its unique investment model and dividend distribution model. They offer a weekly distribution of your interest accumulation.

Last, this platform provides its users with a support system on social media as well as an in-depth library. Rest assured, this platform has a lot to offer. But, is it for everyone? More importantly, is it for you? Let’s find out more about this investment platform.

Services Offered By Midas.Investments

We will deep dive into each of these services in their own sections. But, this will serve as a dashboard of their services.

First, Midas.Investments offers investments in almost every top crypto asset. These crypto assets include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • DeFi Assets
  • Litecoin

Midas.Investments offers

Midas Investment assets

Their system is equipped with several investment robots and automatic balancing. By creating these secure systems, investors can feel safe in their monetary investments.

Some of these services include:

  • Stable Yield Automated Portfolios (SYAP)
  • Masternode Yield Automated Portfolio (MnYAP)
  • Midas exchange

Midas.Investments Yield Automated Portfolios or YAPS

Midas.Investments Stable YAP

Midas.Investments Masternode YAP

Each option is beneficial depending upon your investment options. How deep do you want to dive? How much are you willing to invest?

  • The first service we will dive into is the Stable Yield Automated Portfolios (SYAP) and then compare it with Masternode Yield Automated Portfolio (MnYAP)

What is Stable Yield Automated Portfolio (SYAP)?

The Midas.Investments Yield Automated Portfolio is one of the most popular forms of investment.

What investment opportunities does this investment offer you? This portfolio has the option to invest in several of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Here are the available cryptos you can invest in with this portfolio:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Midas (Midas' personal crypto)
  • Tether (USDT)

But there is a lot more to this portfolio than just another crypto investment. With this relatively stable investment, you receive a steady and consistent payout every week. This payment is usually delivered on Monday morning. In this sense, it creates very stable passive income streams.

The portfolio also allows you to personalize your investment for each coin. You can select different investment totals for each type of coin, including the Midas Coin. Through this personalization, you have more power and control over where your money goes.

Last, this system prevents losses through an automated portfolio rebalancing program. This program is automatic and happens after every month. It is essential to helping guarantee your money is invested in the best way.

Are There Negatives To This Investment System?

As with any investment system, the Stable Yield Automated Portfolio (SYAP) does have some costs. These aspects are not really a negative aspect of this system. But, it is expected.

There is a withdrawal fee associated with transferring your money into your portfolio. This fee is about 5% of your balance and is applied when the money is withdrawn.

There is also a rebalancing fee that is calculated every month. That is, if your account needs to be rebalanced. Rebalancing has the perk of preventing losses to your investment. The downside is that it is not free.

But, the rebalancing fee is a very small amount when compared to the potential loss. The fee is usually only 0.8% of the overall total of the account.

What Other Investment Opportunities Do They Offer?

You have seen how one of their most popular services, Stable Yield Automated Portfolio (SYAP) works. But, what other investment opportunities do they offer?

They offer the following:

  • The Master Node Service, Instant Node
  • Burnout
  • Exchange
  • Instant Buy

These systems are all different ways for you to operate on the Midas.Investments platform. They differ in some significant ways and are intended to be used in different ways for different users.

They also differ for investors with different types of investment opportunities. If you have more or less available funds, you have options available to you.

Now we will dive into each of these opportunities and help you decide which is best.

Master Node Vs. Instant Node Services

The Master Node service is something that will not sound foreign to the crypto-savvy user. To understand an Instant Node, you must first have an understanding of the master node.

A master node is a service where people invest in a pool. This means they each agree to invest a certain amount. This is really helpful for increasing the amount available to invest in the cryptocurrency and increase the dividends.

But, there are some downsides to this service. First, investments can only be made after the available slots of investors are met. This means if the node requires 20 investors, and you only have 18 so far, you must wait.

This may not sound like such a bad thing at the end of the day, but it is. This is because, while your investment is sitting waiting for other investors, you are missing out.

How so? Well, everyone else is diving in and investing their money while your money is just waiting. Potentially, you could be missing out on some very profitable investments.

The other major issue with master node investments is the potential for backing out. This means an investor may pull their money from the pool at any time they wish. This results in the node being broken and your investments being lost.

How does Instant Node solve these issues, though?

The Instant Node permits the user to send their investment directly to the master node. This differs from the master node since it is a direct investment into a node rather than creating a node.

This means there is no risk of losing the node and your investment will give a return faster. Midas.Investments created a great solution to a problematic investment opportunity.

What is Burnout?

The burnout feature is named after the potential for the user to burn through their Midas coins. To do this, the user must activate the burnout mode on their account.

After burning through the 250 Midas Coins, the user has access to more investment opportunities. These opportunities include things such as direct investment in the master node.

They will have their account "locked in" which means they will not have to pay fees. This is an excellent perk, even though it does require a higher initial investment.

Midas.Investments burnout

What is Instant Buy?

The Instant Buy feature is the option to invest in the master node directly. They purchase this collateral directly from the master node. The nicest part about the Instant Buy feature is that it will immediately generate rewards for your account.

You must first select the Instant Buy feature in your account to access it. After you select this feature, you must fund your account with Bitcoin.

An important part of all deposits on this platform is that you must deposit them directly into your account. Make sure this is correct before you deposit, or else you could lose your investment.

After this, you can start to buy and invest your Bitcoin in the Instant Buy feature.

Midas.Investments instant buy feature

What is the Midas Exchange?

The Midas Exchange allows users to access their exchange platform. This permits the users to sell their coins instead of going through a third-party platform.

This prevents you from accumulating fees and losses due to it trading hands so much. It also permits you to mine on the platform while your coins gain more value.

It's one of Midas's biggest services. And, it is great for those with significant investment power.

Midas.Investments exchange launch

What is The Fline Bot?

One of Midas's most exciting tools is known as the Fline bot. The Fline bot is an automated system that performs the best trades for you. It is a highly advanced system that used to only be available to those in the Master Node. If you want to know what the Master Node is, we will discuss this service soon.

The Fline bot works by evaluating the whole of the market and investing in the best manner. It is a secure way to invest and allows its users to essentially mimic its strategies.

But, there's more to it than just this. By copying this bot's decisions, users have seen massive increases in their investments.

This bot has recently shown an increase in revenue by 11.8% over the summer. It does not make a move every time the market dips and jumps. No, this bot is specialized to only make a move when the market shows true growth potential.

Midas.Investments recently updated the bot to be the Fline bot 2.0. With this update, anyone within the community was able to access this bot.

And so the bot has become more specialized and honed to meet the needs of its users. It has a specialized "road map" that helps guide the users and the bot.

There is a fee associated with using this bot, and it is higher than the average user. But, for many who invested in this bot, the profits are well worth it. Plus, you only get a fee when the bot turns a significant profit. So, there's little to lose.

Is Midas.Investments Safe?

Midas.Investments offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking a safe way to invest in cryptocurrency. They have dozens of cryptos to choose from, and they offer safety net investment options. But, how do they guarantee your investment? 

They diversify the investment throughout the cryptocurrency world. This way, your investment is in constant contact with peaks and dips. Instead of investing in just one of the many digital assets, Midas invests your money in several so it can get the best interest and avoid loss.

But, they do much more than just this. Midas helps to create a portfolio for your investments. This means they create an investment strategy with user funds and reinvest them intelligently in the best ways.

By doing so, they again free up your cash flow and make sure it is being invested in a diverse manner. Their most popular automated investment portfolio is known as Stable YAP (Yield Automated Portfolio). These portfolios help the investor know where and how to invest their funds.

But, this system deserves its own section to be discussed. Before we leap into this topic, we will lay out a different investment strategy.

Each of these coins has a different investment interest rate. These interest rates are dependent upon the market itself. But, the investment strategies of Midas help secure your money. This diversity of investment opportunities helps to make sure you receive the expected investment returns.

Does Midas Offer Any Kind Of Insurance For Investments? 

Midas.Investments currently do not offer any insurance plans. However, we spoke with them and they said it is being considered to be implemented by the end of the year. Investments are assumed to be at the risk of the investor. 

We already discussed how Midas.Investments secure the money you deposit. But, you must also analyze this in light of how they guarantee their high yields.

Midas.Investments explains the investigation system they use for screening potential crypto investments. When analyzing a coin, they engage in one of the following: staking, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and algorithmic trading.

For each, the investor takes calculated risks and investing opportunities.

Midas offers staking, which is a very low-risk way to generate yield. The

They also invest in DeFi or Decentralized Finance. This system is much riskier than staking but provides high yields.

Last, algorithmic trading uses smart robots to help navigate high-yield investments. For Midas.Investments, this was the Fline bot (discussed above).

Is Midas.Investments Legit? 

Midas.Investments is truly an awesome and beneficial service with great returns. But, after hearing all those perks, you may be wondering if it's too good to be true.

This is a very reasonable question to ask. And it is one that we can definitely answer for you. The short answer is that Midas is a legitimate investment opportunity.

Midas is registered in Switzerland and it's on the verge of obtaining the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority license (FINMA) before the first quarter of 2022 ends.

The reason it has some of the best interest rates for cryptocurrencies is its system. They have honed their system to be able to adapt quickly to the market. But, as you have seen, their system is not free.

Users must pay Midas.Investments fees to operate on the Midas platform. This may be unwanted, but it's a good sign that it's not a scam. A scam would offer a "get rich quick" scheme that results in offering you the universe and delivering nothing.

This is one of the first signs that Midas Investment is not a scam. But, other indications include the fact that Midas currently has thousands of users. And, many of these users are very active on social media, they have close to 10k followers on discord. You can access the links to their social media pages on their main website.

One of the positive aspects of the internet and one of the ways it prevents fraud is through social interactions. If this platform has so many users and was a scam, it most likely would have been known by now.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has a report center for fraudulent businesses. Here, users can report a potential scam and it may be investigated. But, you can see this report and know better before investing.

What Are Midas.Investments' Pros and Cons?

Just because this system is not a scam doesn't mean it has no flaws. Midas.Investments has many perks, but there are several downsides.

Some of the major downsides to Midas's crypto platform include:

  • Hard to use
  • Can be costly
  • May require high first investments

Before jumping to the perks, let's discuss these briefly. First, Midas.Investments is hard to use. This is true, especially for those new to the world of cryptocurrencies. But, if you have been investing in crypto on a small scale for some time, Midas will not seem overwhelming.

The costs of Midas factor into the performance of its service. The Fline bot may require almost half of your revenue, but it does help to generate a lot as well. So, it sort of balances itself out.

The better services do tend to be exclusive to those with better spending power. More money means more fees. The only hope here is that you will generate enough and be able to upgrade.

Some of the major perks include:

  • Diversity of investments 
  • Rebalancing every month
  • Very little risk
  • Opportunities for growth

We already discussed most of these perks in detail earlier. But, just remember that this service does offer some of the highest interest on your investments. This could make the costs worthwhile.

Is Midas Investment Secure?

To ensure security and safety of funds, Midas integrated with the Fireblocks platform. By integrating the Fireblocks platform, Midas takes its security to the next level, implementing industry-grade protections to cover user funds.

The platform boasts that you can join from your Gmail account or Discord account. You will not need to put your private information on the public platform.

This hidden identity helps to make sure your identity is not stolen from the investment platform. Your taxes are your responsibility, and you must keep track of your data.

The Midas team offers some services to help you figure this out. And, users will likely need to pay taxes on those user funds that are withdrawn. Just make sure you keep track of your information.

Also, as is true for the online world, make sure you use secure passwords two-factor authentication. Try to avoid logging into your Midas account while connected to public WiFi. All of the precautions you would take with all of your banking information.

What is Passive Income and How Can Midas Help?

The best way to think of passive income is as a revenue generator outside of your traditional stream. This means a passive income source is basically anything you do for money outside of your traditional 9-5.

This was originally done with two streams: real estate and the stock market. People have begun to use the Internet to generate numerous sources of revenue that were not previously available.

Cryptocurrencies became commonly recognized e-currencies back when Bitcoin became a reality. It is now joined by hundreds of siblings, each with its own unique investment opportunity.

But, if you invest wisely in cryptocurrencies, you can use the interest to increase passive income streams similar to how you might invest in traditional stocks.

Just like with a traditional stock, there is the potential for profit and loss. If you go into cryptocurrency investment blindly, you may come out with a loss rather than a gain.

For every success story you read online, you’ve probably seen an equal amount of horror stories. That’s because cryptocurrency investments are difficult. But, a system like Midas could make this a whole lot easier.

Compare with Midas.Investments alternatives

PlatformInterest Rates (APY)
Up to 8% on BTC
Up to 17% on Stablecoins
... 34 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 1% on BTC
Up to 3% on Stablecoins
... 5 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 5.2% on BTC
Up to 10.3% on Stablecoins
... 28 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 6.58% on BTC
Up to 11.6% on Stablecoins
... 56 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 6.3% on BTC
Up to 11.35% on Stablecoins
... 53 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 9.42% on BTC
Up to 18.05% on Stablecoins
... 16 more coins
Go to site →
Up to 5.75% on BTC
Up to 15% on Stablecoins
... 25 more coins
Go to site →

Is Midas.Investments Right for You?

We hope this review helped you to figure out if Midas.Investments is the right option for you. The platform can provide exceptional returns, however, there's definitely complexity in using it and they lack some of the insurance and security features that other platforms like YouHodler provide.

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