Risk Warning

The purpose of this Risk Warning notice is to make you aware of the dangers that come with using the Bitcompare Services. Before choosing to utilise these services, it is critical to be aware of these hazards. This warning summarises the risks in general; however, it may not address all dangers or how they could relate to your specific situation.  

Bitcompare does not serve as your broker, middleman, agent, or adviser, nor does it offer personal advice. We do not owe you a fiduciary duty or any duty to watch over how you use our services. It is your obligation to analyse your risk tolerance for the goods and services you use as well as to decide if your financial resources are adequate and suitable for your financial activity with us.  

It is your obligation to declare and pay any taxes that may be owed on transactions done via our services because we do not offer tax, regulatory, or legal advice. The lending, borrowing, and staking of digital assets come with a significant level of market risk and fluctuating prices. You might not get the amount you invested back since an investment's value and any returns are subject to change.

Additionally, the liquidity of digital assets may be constrained, making it challenging or impossible to sell or exit a position when you want to. Additionally, there are dangers that are built into digital assets, such as assaults on the protocols or technology that a digital asset depends on, as well as flaws, defects, hacks, exploits, mistakes, or unanticipated events; irreversible transactions; obsolescence; and settlement delays.

These dangers might include distributed denial of service assaults, sybil attacks, phishing, social engineering, malware, double spending, majority-mining, consensus-based or other mining attacks, or other nefarious deeds. Before utilising our services, you should give serious consideration to these dangers.  

Due to the lack of clarity and regulation in the crypto industry, some digital assets may be deemed securities in your jurisdiction. Therefore, it's important you research whether a digital asset is a security and whether you have the legal right to invest before you do so.