Kraken Slashes 30% Of Its Workforce To Survive Crypto Winter

Kraken laid off 30% of its global workforce (around 1,100 employees) to brave the crypto winter.

US Senator Requests Major Crypto Exchanges To Disclose Consumer Protection Safeguards

Ron Wyden, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, sent letters to the CEOs of six crypto exchanges asking them to reveal the measures they use to protect clients' funds.

Coinbase Wallet To Drop Support For Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, And Stellar Due To “Low Usage”

Coinbase Wallet announced its plans to cease support for Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Stellar (XLM) starting December 5.

Bitcoin Assets Worth $1.65B Withdrawn From Coinbase In 2 Days

Coinbase recorded the third-highest volume of Bitcoin withdrawals as 100K BTC tokens were pulled out of the exchange in the last 48 hours.

Binance Surpasses Coinbase In Holding The Largest Bitcoin Exchange Reserves

CryptoQuant's report revealed that Binance’s Bitcoin reserves have hit the 575K mark, thus making it the exchange with the largest BTC holdings.

Coinbase CEO Disagrees With MAS’ Stance On Retail Access To Crypto Assets

Brian Armstrong voiced his concerns on the crypto onboarding process proposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Ankr Adds Liquid Staking Services For Coinbase Wallet Users

Ankr has integrated liquid staking facilities for users of Coinbase Wallet.

Crypto Staking Industry’s Market Capitalization Hits Nearly $100B

The market cap of the crypto staking industry currently hinges at the $95.5B mark, up by 13.8% over the last week.

Wealthsimple Launches Staking Services For Ethereum And Solana

Wealthsimple added support for staking Ethereum and Solana assets.

SEC Chairman Warns About Centralization In The Crypto Market

In his recent speech, Gary Gensler, the SEC Chairman, revealed his opinions on the increasing centralization in the crypto ecosystem.

Coinbase Adds Zero-Commission USDC Trading Outside The US

Coinbase implemented a commission-free USDC trading service for non-USD currencies to encourage wider adoption of USDC.

Coinbase CEO To Sell 2% Of His Company Stake

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, revealed his plans to sell 2% of his company holdings over the next year.

Lido’s Co-Founder Considers Coinbase Its Main Staking Competitor

Vasiliy Shapovalov, Lido’s Co-Founder, claimed Coinbase and other "centralized exchanges" are threats to the firm at Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon 2022 event.

Google Teams Up With Coinbase To Enable Cloud Service Payments Using Crypto

During Google's Cloud Next conference, the tech giant announced its partnership with Coinbase to allow certain clients to pay for cloud services using crypto.

Santiment Reveals 46.15% Of Ethereum’s PoS Nodes Are Controlled By Two Addresses

Data from Santiment disclosed only two addresses contributed to over 45% of Ethereum’s PoS nodes, giving rise to concerns of centralization.

Binance US Launches High-Yield Ethereum Staking Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

With the anticipated happening of the Merge event, Binance US has launched a high-yield staking product for users. But there is a caveat stating that rewards may change depending on factors like transaction fees.

Coinbase Users In Georgia Exploit Price Bug To Net 100x Profit

A decimal point error in Coinbase’s exchange allowed users to cash out their Lari (GEL) assets for a hundred times the market price. 

PayPal Joins Coinbase-Led Compliance Solution “TRUST”

Earlier today, Coinbase announced its acceptance of PayPal into "TRUST," marking another milestone in the solution's journey.

Blockchain Investigator Claims Ronin Bridge Hackers Moved $625M To Bitcoin Network

The perpetrators behind one of the largest crypto hacks allegedly used Tornado Cash as one of the several means to conceal the transactions and transfer the $625M worth of USDC and Ethereum tokens to the Bitcoin network.

Coinbase CEO Says Exchange Will Rather Disable Staking Than Allow On-Chain Censorship

Following the Tornado Cash ban, Coinbase may shut down its staking services than open itself up to protocol-level censorship.

Eqonex Shuts Down Crypto Exchange Over Unprofitable Low Fees Competition

Eqonex stated it would focus more on its asset management and custodial services, leaving the crypto exchange in the rearview.

Email Update Pause In The Bear Market Could Bring Troubles For Coinbase

Coinbase could be facing more legal sanctions if users sue the company for suspending email updates during the market downturn.

SEC Investigates Coinbase Over Crypto Staking Products

Coinbase reveals that it is under scrutiny by the SEC on suspicion of irregularities in the staking and yield programs.