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Ethereum developers to roll out Holesky testnet in September

Months after the successful launch of the Shanghai upgrade, Ethereum (ETH) developers announced their plans to release the new Holesky testnet on September 15.

Ethereum developers consider raising maximum validator balance limit

Ethereum’s core developers proposed increasing the maximum validator balance cap from 32 ETH to 2,048 ETH to improve network efficiency.

Vitalik Buterin cautions against extending Ethereum blockchain's core

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin discouraged overloading the network’s consensus layer to avoid systemic risks to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum mainnet recovers from suspension of block finalization

The Ethereum mainnet recovered from an issue that caused the network’s beacon chain to halt the finalization of new transactions for thirty minutes.

Ethereum developers reportedly in final stages of planning Dencun update

According to project coordinator Tim Beiko, Ethereum’s core developers are already in the final stages of planning the next major update for the ETH network.

Ethereum developers deploy Shanghai upgrade on the mainnet

The Ethereum network started processing staking withdrawal requests following the release of the much-anticipated Shanghai update on its mainnet.

Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade gets a release date

Ethereum developers have chosen April 12 as the target date for releasing the landmark Shanghai upgrade.

Ethereum developers postpone Shanghai upgrade until April

Ethereum developers have delayed the release of the Shanghai upgrade until early April.

ERC-4337 goes live on Ethereum mainnet

Developers have launched the ERC-4337 standard on the Ethereum mainnet to implement account abstraction.

Ethereum founder proposes changes for improving user experience

Vitalik Buterin proposed changes to improve the user experience for making micropayments using Ethereum.

Ethereum developers announce Shapella upgrade date

Ethereum core developers have scheduled the Shapella upgrade on the Sepolia network for February 28. 

7 Best Ethereum Wallets of 2023

Ethereum wallets are the most crucial part of integrating with the Ethereum ecosystem. Choosing the right wallet is important and we help you do just that in this guide.

Paxful Delists Ethereum From Platform Due To “Integrity” Issues

Paxful removed Ethereum from its platform due to integrity issues caused by Ethereum's transition to a Proof-of-Stake model.

Ethereum Developers Aim To Release Shanghai Hard Fork In March 2023

Ethereum core developers announced their plans to launch the Shanghai upgrade in March 2023. This much-anticipated update will allow users to un-stake their ETH assets from the Beacon Chain.

Ethereum’s Rally Causes Lido DAO To Rise By 12%

Ethereum’s recent rally caused the price of the LDO token to surge by 12%.

Ethereum Rolls Out Shandong Testnet

Ethereum developers launched the Shandong testnet to work on the upcoming Shanghai update.

Morgan Stanley Reports Crypto Ecosystem Is Steering Away From Decentralization

According to Morgan Stanley's report, the crypto ecosystem is drifting away from decentralization, with Ethereum's transition from a PoW to a PoS model causing the token to become more centralized.

Binance Officially Launches Ethereum Proof-of-Work Mining Pool

Binance has officially launched mining services for Ethereum PoW miners. It is running a one-month promotion in which miners can enjoy zero fees on all earnings. However, this does not guarantee the listing of ETHW.

Vitalik Buterin Outlines Ethereum’s Priorities After Merge

Ethereum founder has shared what he thinks the next two big priorities for the network should be. He also hopes developers don’t have to rush through protocol changes again and the community becomes more pragmatic.

Crypto Sleuths Reveal MEVbots Uses Backdoor To Drain Users’ Ethereum Assets

An investigation into MEVbots’ arbitrage trading bot uncovered the existence of a backdoor that allows random addresses to siphon Ethereum funds.

Santiment Reveals 46.15% Of Ethereum’s PoS Nodes Are Controlled By Two Addresses

Data from Santiment disclosed only two addresses contributed to over 45% of Ethereum’s PoS nodes, giving rise to concerns of centralization.

The Merge Goes Live As Ethereum Switches To A PoS Mechanism

Ethereum successfully transitioned from a PoW to a PoS consensus mechanism when the Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) hit 58750000000000000000000 at 6:44 AM UTC.

Ethereum Ready For Merge As It Deploys Final Network Test

Ethereum's research and engineering company, Nethermind, has announced the completion of the final testnet. This success comes after their last week's hiccups with Bellatrix, a key pre-merge upgrade.

Ethereum Team Debunks Common ‘Misconceptions’ About The Scheduled Merge

Ethereum users have expressed their fears about the proposed Merge, prompting the development team to address the misconceptions.

Buenos Aires To Support Ethereum As Validators Come 2023

The Argentine capital moves to become one of the first public entities worldwide to help run Ethereum’s network infrastructure.

Ethereum PoW Fork Token Tanks Over 53% In Less Than A Week

ETHW, Ethereum’s proposed fork token that strives to remain on the PoW algorithm, tanks by 53% within six days of hitting its all-time high.

Ethereum Aims For $2,000 Price Zone As Rally Continues

Ethereum has been on a bullish momentum for the past few days and is looking to reach and surpass the $2k benchmark.