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Runes emerges as the new leader in Bitcoin network transactions

Runes has surged to the forefront of transactional activity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Grayscale's spot Bitcoin ETF records a daily inflow of $63M

Grayscale's GBTC spot Bitcoin ETF witnessed an astronomically high daily inflow of $63M.

Coinbase reports $1.64B revenue for Q1 2024

Coinbase has reported a staggering surge in revenue for the first quarter of 2024, surpassing all expectations in its Q1 earnings.

Australian Securities Exchange could approve spot BTC ETFs before 2025

The Australian Securities Exchange is reportedly gearing up to green-light the nation's first set of spot Bitcoin ETFs before the end of the year.

Bitcoin registers record daily transactions amidst Runes surge

Propelled by a sudden spike in the popularity of Runes, the Bitcoin network recorded a new high of over 926,800 daily transactions.

Bitcoin Halving: Your Essential Guide in 2024

Bitcoin halving is a critical event that slashes miners’ rewards in half and creates ripples through the cryptocurrency market.

Layer-2 tokens surge past Bitcoin post-halving

In the wake of its fourth halving event, layer-2 coins associated with the Bitcoin blockchain saw significant gains, outperforming BTC itself. 

Bitcoin transaction fees plunge after halving event

The Bitcoin transaction fees, which soared to an all-time high during the fourth halving event, have declined dramatically in the aftermath.

Grayscales unveils 0.15% fee structure for Bitcoin Mini Trust ETF

In a recent filing, ETF provider Grayscale announced a low fee of 0.15% on the Bitcoin Mini Trust, its newest exchange-traded fund.

Bitcoin network successfully undergoes fourth halving event

The Bitcoin network has completed its fourth halving event with the addition of block 840,000 to the blockchain. However, the transaction fees rose significantly following the historical event. 

Grayscale seeks to register a mini Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale Investments has submitted an S-1 form to register a mini version of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) exchange-traded fund.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Expert Consensus for 2024–2030

If you’re hunting for a Bitcoin price prediction, you want specifics, not fluff. Straight to the point: could Bitcoin hit staggering new highs by 2030, or are we in for a rocky ride?

Bitcoin ETFs secure regulatory approval from SEC

After years of delays, the US SEC has finally approved spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs). This landmark event has caused a significant uptick in the prices of several cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin-backed Volcano Bonds secure regulatory approval in El Salvador

El Salvador’s Digital Assets Commission has granted regulatory approval to Volcano Bonds, the world’s first-ever Bitcoin-backed bonds. 

Bitcoin surpasses $40K resistance after 20 months

The price rally of Bitcoin continued over the weekend, with the token finally crossing the $40,000 threshold for the first time since April 2022.

Bitcoin Price Surges With a New Bullish Run in 2023

A comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin’s bullish run in 2023 to help understand the latest trends and price surges.

Bitcoin and Data Privacy: Balancing Convenience and Security in the Digital Age

Discover the delicate balance between convenience and security in the digital age. Explore Bitcoin's role and the importance of data privacy.

Tether aims to diversify its reserves portfolio by investing in Bitcoin

Stablecoin issuer Tether announced its plans to strengthen its reserves by using a fraction of the firm's realized profits to purchase Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin: The Different Ways you can Earn Bitcoin

While mining is the most common way to earn bitcoin, it’s not the only way. Different methods now exist; some don’t even need much prior knowledge. How much you earn depends on your chosen method and initial investment.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Bitcoin is fast becoming a crucial part of the investment basket of many people. Even though they are volatile and sometimes go down hard, they have shown their resilience over time and have made it clear that they are here to stay. So, you can't beat them; you can only join.

Brazil’s President Signs Bill To Recognize Bitcoin As Means Of Payment

President Jair Bolsonaro signed a bill that legalizes using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments.

Nigeria Seeks To Legalize Bitcoin And Crypto Usage

The Nigerian government is set to pass a bill that will recognize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal capital for investment.

Hong Kong To Launch Asia’s First Bitcoin And Ether Futures ETFs

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange will list Asia's first Bitcoin and Ether exchange-traded funds on December 16.

China Owns $3.9B Bitcoin Worth Despite Its Anti-Crypto Stance

The Chinese government has been known for its anti-crypto stance and clampdowns. However, it owns $6B worth of cryptocurrencies, including $3.9 billion worth of Bitcoin, $1.2 billion worth of Ethereum, and other cryptos.

Stone Ridge Launches Bitcoin Lightning Accelerator, Wolf

Stone Ridge has launched Wolf, a Bitcoin Lightning accelerator. It aims to enable start-ups and founders to develop their businesses or ideas on the Lightning Network.

Bank Of America Claims Investors See Bitcoin As “Safe Haven”

Bank of America’s analysts Alkesh Shah and Andrew Moss stated that investors consider Bitcoin as a "safe haven" due to its 40-day correlations with gold.

CashApp Enables Bitcoin Lightning Network Transactions

CashApp now supports Bitcoin Lightning payments. This new feature will give room for fast and efficient transactions at a cheap rate.

Bank Of Canada Reports Bitcoin Ownership Witnessed Sharp Rise In 2021

Bank of Canada's Bitcoin Omnibus Survey (BTCOS) revealed that Bitcoin ownership in the nation surged to 13% in 2021.

BitNile To Launch Bitcoin Marketplace In 2023

BitNile announced its plans to release a multi-vendor Bitcoin e-commerce platform in the first half of 2023.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Tank Following Disclosure Of U.S. CPI

The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum plummeted following the disclosure of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Point Index.

Nigel Farage Labels Bitcoin “The Ultimate Freedom”

Nigel Farage advocated his support for Bitcoin at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference by calling it "the ultimate freedom, the ultimate liberty."

21Shares Launches Middle East’s First Physically Backed Bitcoin ETP

21Shares rolled out a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Product (ETP) in the Middle East. The ETP is listed on Nasdaq Dubai under the ABTC ticker.

Namibian Central Bank Allows Merchants To Accept Bitcoin As Payment

The Bank of Namibia (BON) added Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its Fintech Innovations Regulatory Framework. This will allow citizens of the Republic of Namibia to make payments using crypto.

NYDIG Raises $720 Million For Its Bitcoin Institutional Fund

NYDIG has generated about $720 million for its Bitcoin Institutional Fund. This success was made possible by the 59 Investors who donated an average of over $12 million to the fundraising.

Lightning Labs Rollout Software for Minting & Transfer of Assets on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Developers may now mint, send, and receive assets on the bitcoin blockchain as Lightning Labs releases the test version of its Taro daemon. Taro will also have additional functionalities, including universes.

UK Investors Turn To Bitcoin As Pound Sterling Plummets

The trading volume for the Bitcoin and British Pound pair rose over 1400% after the Pound hit a record low against the U.S. Dollar earlier this week.

Bitcoin Policy Institute Recommends USA To Reject CBDCs

The report published by Bitcoin Policy Institute addressed the structural problems prevalent in Central Bank Digital Currencies and argued that Bitcoin and stablecoins serve as better alternatives to CBDCs.

MicroStrategy Plans To Sell Up To $500M Worth Of Stock To Buy BTC

MicroStrategy entered into a sales agreement with Cowen and Company and BTIG to sell up to $500M of its shares to fund its Bitcoin acquisition strategy.

HRF Donates $325K To Improve The Bitcoin Ecosystem

The Human Rights Foundation allocated $325K from its Bitcoin Development Fund to support eight Bitcoin projects as part of its Q3 2022 donations.

Vitalik Buterin Expresses His Concerns Over Bitcoin's Security

In a recent interview, Vitalik Buterin made predictions for the future of the crypto industry and revealed his concerns over Bitcoin's long-term security.

Glassnode Says On-Chain Metrics Show Bitcoin Will Remain Bearish

Bull market-expectant Bitcoin enthusiasts might have their hopes dashed as a recent on-chain analysis indicates more bearish momentum.

Bitcoin ATM Company Under Attack By Hackers Leveraging The Zero-Day Bug

General Bytes-owned ATMs have been exploited by hackers who remotely created an admin user account to steal funds.

Blockchain Investigator Claims Ronin Bridge Hackers Moved $625M To Bitcoin Network

The perpetrators behind one of the largest crypto hacks allegedly used Tornado Cash as one of the several means to conceal the transactions and transfer the $625M worth of USDC and Ethereum tokens to the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Declines By 15% As Crypto Market Nears Worst Weekly Close Since June

The crypto market seems to be taking another hit as Bitcoin and altcoins have had a bad week.

Retail Investors Massively Adopting Bitcoin and Crypto Amid The Inflation - Binance Executive

Worldwide inflation pushes investors to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptos in a bid to protect themselves.