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OKX sends $57M worth of USDT and MASK tokens to Alameda Research

OKX transferred over $57M worth of assets to crypto wallets controlled by the Alameda Research-FTX bankruptcy estate.

Coinbase establishes international crypto derivatives trading platform

Coinbase launched an overseas derivatives exchange in Bermuda after securing a Class F license from Bermuda Monetary Authority.

FTX reportedly lacked basic governance and financial controls

The first interim report penned by John J. Ray III revealed that FTX lacked adequate governance, accounting, and security controls under its previous leadership.

Binance.US halts OCBS and stablecoin pairs for BUSD

Binance.US temporarily suspended One Common Billing System (OCBS) transactions for Binance USD.

Kraken submits pre-registration documents to Canadian regulators

Kraken filed a pre-registration undertaking with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) to continue offering services to its Canadian clients.

OKX to return crypto assets worth $157M to FTX and Alameda

OKX announced that it will return $157M worth of frozen digital assets belonging to FTX and its subsidiary, Alameda Research.

Gemini seeks to launch overseas crypto derivatives exchange

Crypto exchange Gemini plans to establish a new crypto derivatives platform outside the US. Gemini’s new exchange will primarily feature perpetual futures trading services.

Binance CEO denies the allegations made by CFTC’s complaint

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao denied the accusations made by the CFTC's complaint. According to him, the regulatory agency's complaint was an “incomplete recitation of facts."

Binance temporarily suspends spot trading

Binance temporarily suspended deposits, withdrawals, and spot trading services due to a bug affecting its trading engine.

Kraken to halt ACH deposits and withdrawals

Kraken will stop processing automated clearinghouse (ACH) transfers after March 27 due to the collapse of its banking partner, Silvergate Bank.

Coinbase to cease support for Signet

Coinbase announced its plans to drop support for Signet, the digital payments platform of the failed Signature Bank.

OKX to discontinue services for Canadian clients by June

OKX will exit the Canadian market by June 22 following issues with the CSA's new regulatory guidelines. acquires preparatory license from Dubai’s VARA has received the MVP Preparatory License from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, bringing it another step closer to securing an operational license from the authorities.

Coinbase considers launching an overseas trading platform

Coinbase may launch a new trading platform outside the US following recent crackdowns on crypto firms by US regulators.

FTX wallets transfer $145M in stablecoins to crypto exchanges

Three crypto wallets belonging to FTX and Alameda Research have transferred $145M worth of Tether and USD Coin tokens to crypto exchanges.

Binance to stop GBP deposits and withdrawals

Binance will suspend deposit and withdrawal facilities for Pound Sterling following issues with its current trading partner Skrill Limited.

Binance to convert $1B worth of IRI funds to native crypto tokens

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said the exchange will convert nearly $1B worth of Industry Recovery Initiative funds into native crypto assets following recent turmoil in the stablecoin market.

Binance and Coinbase halt USDC conversions

Crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase have paused USDC conversions as the stablecoin fails to regain its USD peg. to halt operations of its asset management subsidiary will halt operations of its subsidiary, Asset Management, on account of the prolonged crypto winter.

Decentralized Trading Protocol Vertex Targets Institutional Traders with Transparency

Vertex is a new decentralized crypto exchange positioning itself as an alternative to centralized exchanges that have faced greater regulatory scrutiny.

Binance updates Proof-of-Reserves system to add 11 new tokens

Binance has upgraded its Proof-of-Reserves system to allow users to verify their assets for 11 new tokens. This brings the total number of verifiable tokens on Binance's PoR system to 24 coins.

Coinbase buys One River Digital Asset Management to expand business

Coinbase has acquired hedge fund manager One River Digital Asset Management (ORDAM) to expand business following a decline in annual transaction volume.

OKX confiscates 2M USDT from accounts suspected of market manipulation

OKX has seized 2M USDT from five suspicious accounts that allegedly manipulated the price of Celestial tokens.

Coinbase to suspend BUSD trading

Coinbase will remove support for trading Binance USD on March 13. The exchange claimed that BUSD no longer meets its listing standards.

CoinFLEX asks to return $4.3M worth of FLEX tokens

CoinFLEX issued a notice to asking the latter to return $4.3M worth of FLEX tokens.

Coinbase launches layer-two network called Base

Coinbase has announced its Layer 2 network, Base. The network, built on Optimism’s OP Stack, offers secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly ways to build dApps.

Binance moves to semi-automated system for managing B-token reserves

Binance will employ a semi-automated process for managing the reserves of its issued tokens following reports about the exchange’s mismanagement of B-token reserves.

Coinbase adds support for Euro Coin on Ethereum Network

Coinbase will add support for Euro Coin on ERC-20 token, and trading in supported regions starts on or after 9 AM PT on February 27. Also, support for EUROC will be added using the Experimental asset label.

Coinbase affirms its still in strong regulatory position

Coinbase still maintains a strong regulatory position despite the US's disjointed approach. Also, the exchange shared its Q4 and FY’22 report with its shareholders, giving a breakdown of everything happening in the company.

Coinbase’s Q4 2022 net revenue surpasses expectations

Coinbase’s total earnings for the fourth quarter of 2022 were higher than analysts’ expectations despite a 12% decline in quarterly transaction revenue.

OKX’s fourth Proof-of-Reserves report reveals 100% clean reserves

OKX’s February Proof-of-Reserves report revealed that the exchange holds $8.6B in clean assets. According to the report, OKX’s reserves of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether remain overcollateralized. debunks rumors of selling businesses denied reports about the firm attempting to raise capital by selling its subsidiaries.

Binance CEO denies severing ties with US business partners

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao dismissed reports about the exchange ending relationships with US business partners due to pressure from regulators.

Binance mints 50M TUSD tokens following regulatory action against BUSD

Binance has minted nearly 50M TrueUSD tokens after the NYDFS ordered Paxos to cease issuing Binance USD.

Binance and Huobi freeze $1.4M worth of stolen crypto assets

Binance and Huobi have frozen $1.4M worth of crypto assets stolen by North Korean hacking group, Lazarus. The exchanges were able to suspend the accounts linked to Lazarus thanks to the findings of Elliptic.

Binance CEO says crypto industry may switch to non-USD stablecoins

Changpeng Zhao claimed that the pressure from regulators may shrink the USD stablecoin market and cause the crypto industry to switch to non-USD stablecoins.

Binance deploys zk-SNARKs on its proof-of-reserve system

Binance has integrated zk-SNARKs into its PoR system. This is a continued effort to promote transparency in the industry and regain users’ trust. Also, four tokens were added to the system. 

Kraken under investigation by SEC over securities violations

Kraken is facing a probe from the US Securities and Exchange Commission for violating securities laws.

Binance APAC head claims full audit of reserves will take time

Leon Foong, Binance’s head of Asia-Pacific, claimed that a comprehensive audit of the exchange’s reserves will take time due to the steep learning curve associated with auditing crypto firms.

Binance to temporarily halt USD bank transfers

Binance will suspend US Dollar deposits and withdrawals starting February 8. The exchange has not revealed the reason behind the suspension.

Coinbase To Suspend Operations In Japan

Coinbase announced its plans to halt operations in Japan after reducing its workforce by 20% last week.

Binance Collaborates With Huobi To Recover $2.5M Worth Of Bitcoin Assets From Hackers

The security teams of Binance and Huobi teamed up to recover 124 Bitcoin from the hackers responsible for the Horizon Bridge Hack of 2022. Reduces Its Workforce By 28% slashed its workforce by 28% to reduce expenses amidst the ongoing crypto winter.

Uphold Denies Allegations Of Owing $783.9M To Cred’s Liquidation Trust

Uphold filed a motion with the bankruptcy court in Delaware to dismiss Cred’s complaints about Uphold owing $783.9M to its liquidation trust.

Attorney Claims FTX Has Recovered Over $5B Worth Of Assets

Andy Dietderich, the attorney representing FTX, reported that the firm has recovered $5B in cash, liquid crypto, and liquid securities. To Delist USDT For Canadian Users In Compliance With OSC’s Instructions announced its plans to delist Tether (USDT) and suspend Tether-related transactions for its Canadian user base on January 31, 2023.

Coinbase Aims To Reduce Operational Costs By Laying Off 20% Of Its Workforce

Coinbase announced its plans to cut 20% of its jobs and close down projects that have a low probability of success to survive the bearish crypto market.

U.S. Government Confiscates $455 Million Worth of Robinhood shares From SBF

United States Department of Justice takes possession of Sam Bankman Fried’s Robinhood shares.

Binance To Re-Enter South Korea By Acquiring Gopax

Binance is reportedly in the process of purchasing a 41.2% stake in the South Korean crypto exchange, Gopax.

Gemini Co-Founder Writes Open Letter Concerning Blocked Funds To DCG’s CEO

Cameron Winklevoss, the Co-Founder of Gemini, questioned Digital Currency Group's Barry Silbert about the delay in repaying Gemini’s funds.

FTX Users Request Court To Redact Private Information From Bankruptcy Filings

Clients of FTX International have requested the court to withhold their identities and private information from FTX's bankruptcy filings to protect the exchange's user base from identity theft and other cyber scams.

FTX-Owned Japanese Exchange Aims To Return Users’ Assets In February 2023

Liquid, a Japanese exchange owned by FTX, announced its plans to initiate the process for returning users’ crypto assets in 2023.

Binance CEO Cautions Users About “Widespread” API Key Leaks From 3Commas

Changpeng Zhao warned Binance users to disable 3Commas API keys following several reports of API key leaks from 3Commas.

Kraken To Cease Operations In Japan

Kraken announced it will exit the Japanese market by January 31, 2023, due to bearish crypto market trends.

OKX Releases Second Proof-Of-Reserves Report

OKX published its second Proof-of-Reserves report to continue providing transparency to its users.

Binance.US Set to Acquire Voyager Digital's Assets for $1 Billion

Binance.US is set to complete the acquisition of bankrupt crypto lender voyager.

OKX Pauses Withdrawals Following Technical Issues With Cloud Service Provider

OKX halted withdrawals due to an equipment failure in Alibaba Cloud’s Hong Kong server. 

Mazars Suspends Proof-Of-Reserves Audit Services For Crypto Exchanges

Binance reported that Mazars has stopped offering services to crypto exchanges. The auditing firm removed the web pages that showed its Proof-of-Reserves (PoR) audits conducted on Binance,, and KuCoin's reserves.

FTX Seeks Court Approval To Auction Off Four Business Units

FTX filed a motion with the Bankruptcy Court in Delaware to auction off Embed, LedgerX, FTX Japan and FTX Europe.

Coinbase Launches Self-Service Asset Recovery Tool For Unsupported ERC-20 Tokens

Coinbase has introduced a new self-service asset recovery tool for unsupported ERC-20 tokens. This will enable the recovery of funds mistakenly sent to a Coinbase address.

Mithril Demands A Refund Of 200,000 BNB From Binance Following Its Delisting

Mithril had asked Binance for a 200,000 BNB ($53M) refund after the exchange delisted its token. Binance delisted Mithril after its review showed the project was not meeting up with the exchange’s standards.‍

Binance CEO Cautions Against Holding Crypto In Self-Custody As The Exchange’s Weekly Outflows Top $3.66B

In a recent Twitter Space discussion, Changpeng Zhao claimed that investors are more likely to lose their crypto assets by keeping them in private wallets instead of centralized exchanges. 

Binance.US Launches Zero-Fee Payment Service For Mobile App Users

Binance.US added support for “Pay,” a service that allows users to instantly settle crypto payments without paying gas or transaction fees.

Binance Users Withdrew $1.9B Worth Of Crypto In 24 Hours

Binance's clients withdrew over $1.9B from the exchange in the last 24 hours. The $1.9B figure marks the highest volume withdrawn from Binance within a day since June. 

US DOJ Pondering Legal Action Against Binance

Binance might face legal action when DOJ completes its investigation on alleged money laundering. Releases Its Proof Of Reserves has released its Proof of Reserves which Mazars Group verified. The exchange aims to restore users’ trust and develop a culture of accountability and transparency in the industry.

Coinbase Encourages Users To Switch To USDC By Waiving USDT To USDC Conversion Fees

Coinbase asked clients to switch to USDC by introducing zero-fee Tether (USDT) to USD Coin (USDC) conversion.

Coinbase CEO Expects Revenue To Decline By 50% In 2022

Brian Armstrong said Coinbase's annual revenue in 2022 may drop by over 50% due to bearish market trends coupled with the collapse of FTX.

Binance.US Removes Spot Trading Fees For Ethereum

Binance.US expanded its Zero Fee Trading program to Ethereum (ETH). This will allow users to trade on ETH/USD, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, and ETH/BUSD pairs without paying any fees.

Swyftx Cuts 35% Of Staff In Its Second Round Of Layoffs

Swyftx has cut about 35% of its employees in its second round of layoffs due to the worsening market conditions. The exchange laid off 90 employees today to re-position better and ensure financial stability.

Bybit Reduces Workforce As Bear Market Worsens

Bybit has reduced its workforce due to the increasing effects of the bear market. This is part of its ongoing re-organization to enable them to deliver the crypto ark to the world with more passion and drive.

BitMEX Set To Enable Depositors Self-Verify Liabilities

BitMEX has launched its PoL system, allowing depositors to self-verify their liabilities in the company’s total liability balance sheet. Client privacy is achieved through the complete publication of the Merkle tree and the random splitting of user balances.