Morgan Stanley Reports Crypto Ecosystem Is Steering Away From Decentralization

According to Morgan Stanley's report, the crypto ecosystem is drifting away from decentralization, with Ethereum's transition from a PoW to a PoS model causing the token to become more centralized.

TechCrunch Reveals Uniswap Labs' Move To Secure Over $100 Million New Funding

Uniswap Labs is reportedly in talks with Polychain and one of Singapore's sovereign funds to raise over $100 million in equity at a valuation of $1 billion to expand its offerings. Sources say there is no conclusion yet.

Crypto Sleuths Reveal MEVbots Uses Backdoor To Drain Users’ Ethereum Assets

An investigation into MEVbots’ arbitrage trading bot uncovered the existence of a backdoor that allows random addresses to siphon Ethereum funds.

Upgrade Bug Renders Compound Finance’s cETH Market Unusable

The Compound platform upgrade appears to have temporarily hit a stumbling block, halting the cETH market. This isn't a new occurrence on the platform, but would they fix this bug faster?

New YouHodler’s “Dual Assets” - For Easy and Simple Staking

YouHodler recently launched Dual Assets, a DeFi product that combines high-yielding DeFi techniques with the simplistic nature of TradFi platforms. Dual Assets promises better risk management and higher returns.

Compound Launches New Version 3 Protocol Upgrade

The DeFi platform released a streamlined protocol version that enhances security, capital efficiency, and user experience. This upgrade eliminates complexity while ensuring that Compound remains an effective tool for DeFi borrowers.

Uniswap Foundation A Reality Thanks To Holders

Uniswap holders unanimously vote for the creation of the ecosystem's Foundation to improve governance and foster growth.

Blockchain Investigator Claims Ronin Bridge Hackers Moved $625M To Bitcoin Network

The perpetrators behind one of the largest crypto hacks allegedly used Tornado Cash as one of the several means to conceal the transactions and transfer the $625M worth of USDC and Ethereum tokens to the Bitcoin network.

Uniswap Blocks 253 Addresses Over The Past Four Months

Decentralized exchange platform Uniswap blacklists 253 addresses that allegedly interacted with TRM Labs, citing ties to crimes involving stolen funds as the primary reason for the block.

Uniswap, Aave and Balancer Ban Users After OFAC Sanctions On Tornado Cash

Wallets linked to Tornado Cash have been banned by Uniswap, Aave, and Balancer, making them unable to interact with the blockchain