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Eclipse to launch Solana-compatible Polygon SVM

Eclipse announced its plans to release Polygon SVM, a Layer 2 blockchain that will allow Solana developers to port their dapps to Polygon without reconfiguring the applications to run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Polygon cuts staff by twenty percent to consolidate

Polygon has reduced its staff by twenty percent, affecting about a hundred teammates. In addition, the firm has been consolidating multiple business units, and this was a necessary step, reiterating that its treasury is still healthy.

Helium announces date for migration to Solana

Helium has declared March 27 the official date for its migration to Solana and its deployment of Oracles. This significant upgrade will improve the network’s scalability and reliability. 

Polygon announces launch date for zkEVM Layer-Two

Polygon has announced that the launch date for the zkEVM Mainnet Beta is March 27. The zkEVM is an equivalent of the EVM, aiming to expand Ethereum’s scaling capabilities while providing faster and cheaper transactions.

TRON founder seeks to reduce withdrawal fees after fee hike on Binance

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced that the firm is working with Binance to reduce the withdrawal fees on TRON tokens following a fee hike on Binance's platform.

Uniswap DAO votes to deploy third version on BNB Chain

Uniswap DAO has voted for the deployment of Uniswap v3 on the BNB chain. OxPlasma Labs will facilitate the deployment, and the Wormhole bridge will be used for cross-chain governance messaging.

Polygon Developers Propose Hard Fork To Address Chain Reorganizations And Gas Spikes

Polygon developers will launch a hard fork on January 17 to reduce gas spikes and chain reorganizations.