Tornado Cash


Ethereum’s Post-Merge Censorship Issue May Hit New Highs

The introduction of MEV-Boost relays following the Merge has led to a significant increase in Ethereum ecosystem censorship. The recently reported 51% censored blocks mark a significant step towards full censorship.

Vanity Address Loses Almost $1M To Crypto Theft

A vanity address generated with Profanity has lost approximately $950,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in a recent attack. The attacker transferred the stolen ETH into the sanctioned mixer, Tornado Cash.

Crypto Sleuths Reveal MEVbots Uses Backdoor To Drain Users’ Ethereum Assets

An investigation into MEVbots’ arbitrage trading bot uncovered the existence of a backdoor that allows random addresses to siphon Ethereum funds.

Ethereum Coin Mixer Tornado Cash Is Finally Unbanned On GitHub

Tornado Cash is finally back up on GitHub after its ban by OFAC. While GitHub is yet to make an official statement, many Ethereum developers have lauded this move.

Crypto Investors File A Lawsuit Against US Treasury Over Tornado Cash Sanctions

Six plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Treasury’s Secretary Jannet Yellen and other officials over the agency’s decision to sanction Tornado Cash and its services.

Chainalysis Helps Recover $30M From Ronin Bridge Hack

Chainalysis aided law enforcement authorities in recovering $30M stolen from Axie Infinity by the Lazarus Group, the perpetrators behind the Ronin Bridge hack. 

ShadowFi Loses $301K In A 2-Phase Attack On Its Liquidity Pool

ShadowFi lost 1,078 BNB tokens in a 2-phase exploit attack that drained the DeFi platform’s liquidity pool to $0.

AntPool To Cease Maintenance Of Clients’ Assets On Ethereum After The Merge

The company stated that it cannot keep clients' assets on the Ethereum 2.0 network, but plans to settle with them before The Merge. This is attributed to the risk of censorship related to US sanctions on Tornado Cash.

Arrested Tornado Cash Developer Accused Of Having Ties With Russia’s FSB

Kharon alleges Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev was a former employee of a security company affiliated with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

Tether Maintains Position On Leaving Tornado Cash Addresses Unfrozen

Many crypto platforms have recently been coming down on Tornado Cash users; however, Tether remains unmoved despite the pressure.

FTX Flags Aztec Protocol, Allegedly Freezes Users’ Funds

Bahamian crypto exchange FTX flags Aztec Network, Aztec Connect, and

Uniswap, Aave and Balancer Ban Users After OFAC Sanctions On Tornado Cash

Wallets linked to Tornado Cash have been banned by Uniswap, Aave, and Balancer, making them unable to interact with the blockchain

Tornado Cash DAO Approves Proposal To Gain Partial Control Over Treasury

The Tornado Cash DAO community hastily voted to add the DAO as a signatory to its $21.6M treasury. 

Infura And Alchemy Blacklist Tornado Cash

Blockchain development firms Infura and Alchemy are the latest companies to block Tornado Cash after the U.S. Treasury banned the platform and all its services.