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Ethereum’s Post-Merge Censorship Issue May Hit New Highs

The introduction of MEV-Boost relays following the Merge has led to a significant increase in Ethereum ecosystem censorship. The recently reported 51% censored blocks mark a significant step towards full censorship.

New Reveal: Bitcoin’s Roles in Supporting a Better Climate

Discussing how Bitcoin helps in mitigating climate change is long overdue. Contrary to the propanga peddled by the media, Bitcoin is on the greener side, and this article gives you all the details.

Bitcoin Miners Migration to Texas: Should Texans be Worried?

Bitcoin mining Companies relocating from China and elsewhere are settling in Texas. The state has what the companies need, and the companies are bringing capital investments and jobs. Here’s what we know.

War on Twitter Spam Bots Back on?

Elon's Musk decision to proceed with the Twitter purchase could be a welcome win for the crypto Twitter community if he fulfills his promise to eliminate spam bots.

Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Impending Collapse? What the Trends Reveal

Credit Suisse and Deutsche bank stock prices are both trading at a record low. There are rumors that they may be heading towards a collapse. We discuss why this could be the minute before the disaster or not.

The Truth Behind Bitcoin Mining and Traditional Banking Energy Consumption

Researchers and journalists have repeatedly presented wrong facts about Bitcoin mining and traditional banking energy consumption. However, we have dug the reals facts and presented them in this article.

Australia Could Be A Bitcoin Mining Superpower

Australia seems to have the perfect trifecta of government stability and support, societal adoption, and bountiful sunshine and land for clean energy production. Australia may not be the country many people think of as a potential Bitcoin superpower, but maybe they should.

Coordinated Hyperbolic Articles Against Bitcoin? Mainstream Media Should Do Better

Major mainstream media made a coordinated attack on Bitcoin’s energy consumption, releasing false facts about its climate impact. However, we give our reasons why their facts are untrue.

Most People Don't Want CBDCs, Central Banks Continue Anyway

Respondents around the world have clearly stated that they don't want CBDCs due to privacy and security concerns. Unelected central bankers have ignored these concerns and pressed ahead anyway.

The Case Against CBDCs

Government's around the world are preparing to roll out their respective CBDCs. It's important to understand some of the risks associated with this development and why we think you should potentially push back on it.