Proof-of-Work (PoW)


Vertrax Miner Launches an Efficient Crypto Miner For Mining Start-ups

Vertrax Miner has launched its product that enables crypto miners to mine various cryptocurrencies. Its unique features aim to offer seamless mining for users.

Canaan Inc. Announces Launch of New Generation Bitcoin Mining Machines

Leading provider of Bitcoin mining machines, Canaan Inc., has launched its Avalon Made A13 ("A13") series. The series consists of two models promoted as more power-efficient with more computational power.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Record High After Increasing by 3.44%

Bitcoin mining difficulty has jumped by another 3.44%. This brings the network's mining difficulty to a lifetime high of 36.84 trillion (ET). BTC's hash rate is currently between 260 and 275 EH/s.

EU’s Draft Law Urges Member Nations To Be Ready To Halt Crypto Mining

The European Union seeks to curb the energy consumed by mining operations with its latest draft law. 

New Reveal: Bitcoin’s Roles in Supporting a Better Climate

Discussing how Bitcoin helps in mitigating climate change is long overdue. Contrary to the propanga peddled by the media, Bitcoin is on the greener side, and this article gives you all the details.

Bitcoin Miners Migration to Texas: Should Texans be Worried?

Bitcoin mining Companies relocating from China and elsewhere are settling in Texas. The state has what the companies need, and the companies are bringing capital investments and jobs. Here’s what we know.

Morgan Stanley Reports Crypto Ecosystem Is Steering Away From Decentralization

According to Morgan Stanley's report, the crypto ecosystem is drifting away from decentralization, with Ethereum's transition from a PoW to a PoS model causing the token to become more centralized.

Miners Face More Trouble as Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Highs

Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached a new high, increasing by 13.55% over the previous figure. Part of the rising difficulty is attributed to Ethereum's "Merge" upgrade, which freed up more space for Bitcoin miners.

Luxor Set to Offer Derivatives for Bitcoin Miners to Hedge Risk

Luxor has just launched Luxor Hashprice NDF. This derivative product aims to enable miners to hedge their exposure to Bitcoin prices and the energy costs associated with mining.

Staking Rewards to Host World’s First Staking Summit In November

Leading Data Aggregator Staking Rewards is set to host the world’s first Staking Summit this November. The event will have industry experts in attendance and cover topics centered around Staking and Proof of Stake.

Norway Government Moves To Eliminate Subsidized Electricity Tax for Bitcoin Miners

Norwegian government has made known its intention to eliminate subsidized electricity tax rates for Bitcoin miners. They believe miners should be exposed to the same standard electricity tax rate as other industries.

Bitcoin Mining Pool Poolin Faces Chaos As Liquidity Crisis Continues

Bitcoin mining pool, Poolin, is under distress due to the withdrawal freeze on its wallet. Its hash rate and revenue have fallen significantly as many miners exit the pool.

Argentina’s State-Owned Oil Subsidiary YPF Luz Moves into Crypto Mining

YPF has moved into crypto mining and is set to power Bitcoin operations using residual gases generated from oil production. The 1-megawatt operation is currently being tested in Vaca Muerta.

Merkle Standard Increases Hashrate to 900% Within 8 Months

Merkle Standard has increased its hashrate to 900% within eight months. This has led to the rise in its computing power from a previous rate of 0.3EH/s to 3.1EH/s.

Coordinated Hyperbolic Articles Against Bitcoin? Mainstream Media Should Do Better

Major mainstream media made a coordinated attack on Bitcoin’s energy consumption, releasing false facts about its climate impact. However, we give our reasons why their facts are untrue.

Binance Officially Launches Ethereum Proof-of-Work Mining Pool

Binance has officially launched mining services for Ethereum PoW miners. It is running a one-month promotion in which miners can enjoy zero fees on all earnings. However, this does not guarantee the listing of ETHW.

Vitalik Buterin Outlines Ethereum’s Priorities After Merge

Ethereum founder has shared what he thinks the next two big priorities for the network should be. He also hopes developers don’t have to rush through protocol changes again and the community becomes more pragmatic.

Bitmain Helps Miners By Offering Antminer Mining Rigs At Discounted Rate

Bitmain has announced its plan to offer an 80% discount on its Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs. This move by the manufacturer is to support miners struggling amid the crypto winter.

South Australia’s First Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility Begins Operation

A crypto mining facility has been established in South Australia, and it will be powered primarily by solar energy. Local authorities say the development is important for decarbonizing blockchain.

Nic Carter Comments on White House Crypto Mining Climate Implication Report

The White House OSTP released a report addressing crypto mining’s impact on the climate. However, it did not sit well with Nic Carter, who stated they did not address all the necessary issues and cited unworthy sources.

Michael Saylor Shares Thoughts on Bitcoin Mining and the Environment

Addressing some misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin mining and its impact on the global environment, Michael Saylor claims Bitcoin is beneficial, not detrimental.

The Merge Goes Live As Ethereum Switches To A PoS Mechanism

Ethereum successfully transitioned from a PoW to a PoS consensus mechanism when the Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) hit 58750000000000000000000 at 6:44 AM UTC.

SEBA Bank Launches Ethereum Staking Services

Switzerland’s SEBA Bank integrated support for Ethereum staking just a few days before the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge goes live.

Hive Blockchain Considers Mining Ethereum Alternatives Ahead Of The Merge

Hive Blockchain begins analyzing other GPU mineable coins to optimize its mining equipment for the upcoming Ethereum Merge.

Vitalik Buterin Expresses His Concerns Over Bitcoin's Security

In a recent interview, Vitalik Buterin made predictions for the future of the crypto industry and revealed his concerns over Bitcoin's long-term security.

Gemini Adds Support For Polygon Staking

Gemini begins providing staking rewards for Polygon and announces support for ETH staking just as the Ethereum community prepares for the blockchain's transition from a Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake protocol.

Ethereum PoW Fork Token Tanks Over 53% In Less Than A Week

ETHW, Ethereum’s proposed fork token that strives to remain on the PoW algorithm, tanks by 53% within six days of hitting its all-time high.