Aave Deploys Version 3 On Ethereum Network

Aave has deployed its V3 on the Ethereum Network after a successful unanimous vote by its governance. The upgrade incorporated a flexible architecture that helps mitigate user risk and improve capital efficiency.

Polygon Developers Propose Hard Fork To Address Chain Reorganizations And Gas Spikes

Polygon developers will launch a hard fork on January 17 to reduce gas spikes and chain reorganizations.

How to Stake Polygon: Your Guide

Users can receive rewards by "staking" MATIC and providing processing resources to safeguard the network. Getting MATIC tokens, choosing a staking provider, depositing tokens, waiting for confirmation, monitoring staked tokens, and withdrawing rewards are necessary. Staking Polygon offers passive income, network security, and governance. Before staking Polygon, consider the provider, staking duration, quantity of tokens, and risks.

Lido Finance Attains Highest TVL Among DeFi Platforms

Lido Finance has attained a TVL of $5.98B, making it the platform with the highest value of staked assets.

Ankr Adds Liquid Staking Services For Coinbase Wallet Users

Ankr has integrated liquid staking facilities for users of Coinbase Wallet.

J.P. Morgan Executes First DeFi Live Trade On Public Blockchain

J.P Morgan has successfully taken its first DeFi trade on the public blockchain. It employed tokenized deposits and verifiable credentials to ensure the success of the trade.

Crypto Staking Industry’s Market Capitalization Hits Nearly $100B

The market cap of the crypto staking industry currently hinges at the $95.5B mark, up by 13.8% over the last week.

The Sandbox Launches Exclusive Staking Pool For LAND Owners

The Sandbox added support for a high APR staking pool reserved for owners of LAND. The pool, available on the Polygon network, has a cap of 500 $SAND per LAND and scales with the amount of LAND in users' wallets.

Gemini Adds Support For Polygon Staking

Gemini begins providing staking rewards for Polygon and announces support for ETH staking just as the Ethereum community prepares for the blockchain's transition from a Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake protocol.

BitDAO Community Accepts Proposal To Fund AfricaDAO

Crypto firm BitDAO approves AfricaDAO’s proposal to receive $20M as funding to accelerate Web3 adoption across Africa.