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BlockFi vs | Our comparison for the savings accounts and loans

Our comprehensive BlockFi vs comparison looks at their usability, security, reputation and fees. We break down every element of the service, so that you can make an informed decision.

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BlockFi vs

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On the surface, and BlockFi don't seem like fierce rivals. However, now that have entered the lending and borrowing space, they have directly competing for products. Rumour has it that BlockFi is looking to offer a crypto credit card in the future which will make them even closer rivals.

While their product offerings creep closer together, they feel like very different companies and products. One is based and regulated in New York with top-tier investors, the other is Asia-based and don't have any investors, partners or advisors of note. offer many more features than just loans and savings accounts. They offer debit cards with cashback rewards, an exchange and a wallet that supports more than 45 currencies.

While this could be perceived as a good thing, we break down both products to see which could be best for you.

What is BlockFi?

BlockFi were one of the first to introduce crypto savings accounts and loans. They found instant success with a good product that offered very competitive interest rates.

What is is a very full-featured app and exchange that offers savings accounts, loans and debit cards.

InvictusUSD Margin Lending
  • Return rates optimized daily
  • Secure, stable investment growth
  • No minimum
  • No lock-up period, withdraw anytime

BlockFi's core features

  • Insured, third-party custody from Gemini Custody

  • Easy to use website

  • Near-instant decisions on loans

  • No credit checks

  • Very competitive interest rates on loans

  • Savings accounts and loans on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and GUSD's core features

  • Up to 5% cashback rewards with their debit card

  • Earn interest on a large range of currencies

  • Up to 18% interest when staking CRO tokens

What's unique about BlockFi

BlockFi were one of the first to introduce crypto savings accounts and loans. They found instant success with a good product that offered very competitive interest rates.

What's unique about are arguably the closest thing to a crypto-based bank. They offer a large range of products and services that resemble those of a bank, only for the crypto industry.

How safe is BlockFi

BlockFi offers security measures like two-factor authentication on their site. In addition to this, all their wallets are provided by Gemini Custody which is regulated in the US and provides insurance on all wallets.

How safe is don't offer third party custody or insurance. For this reason, we don't believe it's as secure as other offerings like BlockFi or Celsius Network.

Compare with BlockFi and alternatives

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BlockFi vs The verdict

BlockFi and are quite different. One is solely focused on savings accounts and loans. The other provides that and much more, including an exchange, a debit card and the ability to purchase 45+ currencies.

While on the surface it may seem like more is more, in this case, less is more with BlockFi. It's a much simpler product in terms of usability and commercial terms. If you're willing to purchase and stake's native token, it could be a good option to earn extra interest, however, it's at a much higher risk.

If you're looking for a loan or a crypto savings account, we recommend BlockFi. If you're looking for a debit card or other additional services, could be a good option.

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