Crypto Safety


Aggrieved TerraUSD Investors Sue Do Kwon For $57 Million in Fresh Fraud Lawsuit

Do Kwon, and Terra’s founding member, Nicholas Platias, are currently facing a new $57 million lawsuit filed by 359 aggrieved investors in Singapore. This is an addition to the numerous legal battles he is facing.

Singapore Moves to Make Borrowing for Crypto Purchases Illegal

Singapore wants to ban retail investors from borrowing funds to trade cryptocurrency and generating returns from lending and staking. But it does not seek to prohibit crypto services outrightly.

War on Twitter Spam Bots Back on?

Elon's Musk decision to proceed with the Twitter purchase could be a welcome win for the crypto Twitter community if he fulfills his promise to eliminate spam bots.

U.S. Regulators Sue Nexo For Failing To Register Yield Product

Regulators from eight states, including California, filed a lawsuit against Nexo for not registering its “Earn Interest Product,” citing that Nexo’s offerings need to be treated as securities. 

Vanity Address Loses Almost $1M To Crypto Theft

A vanity address generated with Profanity has lost approximately $950,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in a recent attack. The attacker transferred the stolen ETH into the sanctioned mixer, Tornado Cash.

Governor Gavin Newsom Vetoes California "BitLicense" Bill

Governor Gavin Newson vetoed a crypto licensing and regulation bill, citing forthcoming federal regulations and findings from ongoing research. This decision has also earned him praise in the community.

Crypto Sleuths Reveal MEVbots Uses Backdoor To Drain Users’ Ethereum Assets

An investigation into MEVbots’ arbitrage trading bot uncovered the existence of a backdoor that allows random addresses to siphon Ethereum funds.

New UK Bill to Give Law Enforcement Agencies More Power on Crypto-Crime Clampdown

The UK has introduced a new bill to give enforcement agencies greater power to "seize, freeze, and recover" cryptocurrencies. The bill seeks to strengthen anti-money laundering measures and make the UK business-friendly.

CZ Binance Supports Biden’s Regulatory Policy

In light of the new crypto regulations by the US Presidency, CZ Binance has shown his support for the policy. Zhao stated the new policy's positive effects would help drastically eliminate illicit activities.

1inch Network Reveals Vulnerability In Profanity-Based Wallets

A security report compiled by 1inch Network claimed that an exploit in Profanity-based wallet addresses could allow hackers to calculate the wallets' private keys.

Huobi To Delist Privacy Tokens Over Regulatory Concerns

Huobi announced its plans to delist seven privacy tokens next week as regulatory firms worldwide crackdown on privacy tools.

Thailand SEC Mandates Stricter Regulations On Crypto Advertising

Thailand’s SEC issued an amendment to the advertising regulations for crypto firms and businesses. 

Is BlockFi Safe and Legit?

As an investor, you are well aware that investing is a risky art. One day you can be making a lot of money and the next, part of your portfolio might get wiped out. However, if you still want to invest in crypto, one of the most popular ways to do this is through BlockFi.