Security Breach

Bitcoin ATM Company Under Attack By Hackers Leveraging The Zero-Day Bug

General Bytes-owned ATMs have been exploited by hackers who remotely created an admin user account to steal funds.

Blockchain Investigator Claims Ronin Bridge Hackers Moved $625M To Bitcoin Network

The perpetrators behind one of the largest crypto hacks allegedly used Tornado Cash as one of the several means to conceal the transactions and transfer the $625M worth of USDC and Ethereum tokens to the Bitcoin network.

Celer Network’s cBridge Frontend Hit By DNS Hijack

Level 2 scaling protocol Celer Network is the latest target of crypto hacking as the platform reports seeing potential signs of a DNS hijack of its cBridge frontend.

Acala Network Suffers Security Breach, Passes Vote To Halt Operations

Acala, Polkadot’s decentralized finance network, had its protocols tampered with by hackers, causing it to pass an urgent vote to suspend operations until the issue is resolved.

BitMart Under FTC Investigation Over Security Breach

Crypto exchange firm BitMart is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission due to a security breach on the platform last year.