Charles Schwab Reports 45% Of Younger Population Wants Crypto In 401(k)s

A survey conducted by Charles Schwab revealed that nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials want crypto investments as part of their retirement plans.

UK Inflation Rate Soars To 10.1%

The inflation rate in the UK hit 10.1% in September after dropping to 9.9% last month, with food prices witnessing the highest jump since 1982.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Tank Following Disclosure Of U.S. CPI

The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum plummeted following the disclosure of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Point Index.

Nigel Farage Labels Bitcoin “The Ultimate Freedom”

Nigel Farage advocated his support for Bitcoin at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference by calling it "the ultimate freedom, the ultimate liberty."

Eurozone Hits An All-Time High Inflation Rate Of 9.1%

The Eurozone’s annual inflation rate rose to 9.1%, increasing the pressure on the ECB to raise interest rates and inciting fears of an economic recession.