Hard Fork

BNB Chain to add security updates with ZhangHeng hard fork

Binance’s BNB Beacon Chain will implement new security features in its upcoming ZhangHeng hard fork.

Polygon Developers Propose Hard Fork To Address Chain Reorganizations And Gas Spikes

Polygon developers will launch a hard fork on January 17 to reduce gas spikes and chain reorganizations.

Cardano Confirms Vasil Hard Fork Will Happen On Sept 22

After the long wait, Cardano's Vasil upgrade is set to launch in a few weeks. This upgrade is coming a year after the popular Alonzo upgrade and promises greater scalability and lower transaction fees.

Cardano Developer Claims Newly Discovered Bug Renders Testnet Catastrophically Broken

As the Cardano community gears up for its highly anticipated Vasil hard fork, a developer claims the testnet, which was earlier dubbed "Tested and Ready" for the upgrade, is impacted by a major bug.

Monero Carries Out Hard Fork With Latest Update

Decentralized cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) undergoes a hard fork with its latest update to enhance the network’s resilience to hacking attacks and transaction speed.