India’s Central Bank Set To Launch Wholesale CBDC Pilot On November 1

The RBI will roll out the first pilot in the Digital Rupee wholesale segment on November 1. The use of the wholesale CBDC pilot is to improve efficiency in settling market transactions.

Nigeria’s CBDC Project Struggles At Less Than 0.5% Adoption

The Nigerian CBDC, eNaira, failed to gather support from residents as less than 0.5% of Nigerians use the digital currency.

Study Claims Only 25% Of Australians Support CBDCs

A recent study conducted by Morning Consult revealed that the citizens of a number of developed nations are against issuing CBDCs.

Japan Credit Bureau To Test CBDCs For Settling Payments

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) will conduct tests on the CBDC infrastructure to assess whether CBDCs can be used for settling payments via JCB’s credit card systems.

China's Digital Currency Rollout Records Massive Success

The Chinese CBDC, e-CNY, has recorded great success in its pilot stage as transactions exceed the $14B mark. It has also seen more adoption than any other CBDC in the world, with the number of transactions exceeding 360M.

India’s Central Bank To Adopt CBDCs In A Bid To Combat Crypto Threat

India move to CBDC as a measure to eliminate the perceived threat of cryptocurrencies.

Most People Don't Want CBDCs, Central Banks Continue Anyway

Respondents around the world have clearly stated that they don't want CBDCs due to privacy and security concerns. Unelected central bankers have ignored these concerns and pressed ahead anyway.

Sweden’s Central Bank To Test Use Of CBDC For Retail Payments

Sveriges Riksbank has released a statement revealing it will partner with different entities to test its CBDC's capability for international payments.

The Case Against CBDCs

Government's around the world are preparing to roll out their respective CBDCs. It's important to understand some of the risks associated with this development and why we think you should potentially push back on it.

Bitcoin Policy Institute Recommends USA To Reject CBDCs

The report published by Bitcoin Policy Institute addressed the structural problems prevalent in Central Bank Digital Currencies and argued that Bitcoin and stablecoins serve as better alternatives to CBDCs.