Beacon Chain

Binance Research reveals Ether stakers are underwater

Binance Research has revealed that only 31% of Ether stakers are in profit while the rest are underwater. Most of the ETH holders in profit staked in December 2020 when the Beacon Chain was launched.

Mithril Demands A Refund Of 200,000 BNB From Binance Following Its Delisting

Mithril had asked Binance for a 200,000 BNB ($53M) refund after the exchange delisted its token. Binance delisted Mithril after its review showed the project was not meeting up with the exchange’s standards.‍

Ethereum Developers Aim To Release Shanghai Hard Fork In March 2023

Ethereum core developers announced their plans to launch the Shanghai upgrade in March 2023. This much-anticipated update will allow users to un-stake their ETH assets from the Beacon Chain.

Binance US Launches High-Yield Ethereum Staking Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

With the anticipated happening of the Merge event, Binance US has launched a high-yield staking product for users. But there is a caveat stating that rewards may change depending on factors like transaction fees.

Miners To Make A Choice As Ethereum Merge Approaches

Experts weigh in on the impact of the upcoming Ethereum Merge on mining pools and miners.