Study Claims Only 25% Of Australians Support CBDCs

A recent study conducted by Morning Consult revealed that the citizens of a number of developed nations are against issuing CBDCs.

Australia Could Be A Bitcoin Mining Superpower

Australia seems to have the perfect trifecta of government stability and support, societal adoption, and bountiful sunshine and land for clean energy production. Australia may not be the country many people think of as a potential Bitcoin superpower, but maybe they should.

Maple Finance Offers To Help Bitcoin Mining Firms With a $300M Lending Pool

Maple Finance has come to the aid of Bitcoin mining firms by launching a $300M lending pool. It aims to deliver “low-teen” risk-adjusted returns to accredited investors and capital allocators.

South Australia’s First Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility Begins Operation

A crypto mining facility has been established in South Australia, and it will be powered primarily by solar energy. Local authorities say the development is important for decarbonizing blockchain.