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How to Get a Stablecoin Loan

In most cases, you only need your collateral, a good lending platform, and some personal information.

If you are on this page, you likely know a thing or two about crypto loans. You already know that they can help you pay for emergencies without putting your crypto at risk. You also know that most crypto lending platforms do not do credit checks, which is different from traditional banks.

So how do you get one? That is what this article will address. As the title suggests, we will pay more attention to stablecoin loans, which are crypto loans that are paid out in stablecoins. We will discuss some of the best stablecoin loan platforms, show you how to get a stablecoin loan from them, and highlight some factors to consider when looking for a stablecoin loan.

Where To Get A Stablecoin Loan

In this section, we introduce you to some of the best stablecoin loan platforms:


Nexo is a trustworthy crypto loan platform that promises to help you use your crypto to its full potential. It will accept collateral in 39 different cryptocurrencies, and you can get the money from the stablecoin loan in USDT or USDC. The minimum collateral amount is $50, while the maximum is $2 million.

Why Nexo?

  • Your assets are safe on Nexo and are insured for up to $775 Million.

  • Nexo is available in over 200 regions.

  • You can get loans with as low as 0% APR on Nexo, with the highest interest rate being 13.9% APR.

  • It offers diverse loan repayment options.

  • You can spend your loan proceeds with the Nexo credit card.

How to Get a Loan on Nexo

To get a loan from Nexo, you must first create an account on their platform by hitting the 'Get Started' button at the top of the homepage. You will need to enter and verify your email address and password.

Once you're done with that, the next step is to complete KYC verification. You'll provide some personal information and upload some documents to verify your identity. You will have full access to your Nexo account when your verification is complete.

The last step is to deposit digital assets to your Nexo account, which immediately opens up a credit line depending on the amount and type of crypto asset you deposit. Then, you can use the credit line to get a stablecoin loan and get the money right away.


CoinLoan offers more stablecoin loan options than Nexo. You can take your loan proceeds in five stablecoins: DAI, USDC, USDT, BUSD, and TUSD. There are 15 collateral options, with a loan term that stretches up to three years.

Why CoinLoan?

  • It is a secure platform with an insurance package worth $250 million.

  • Its calculator makes it easy to see your potential loan expenses.

  • The interest rates are cheap, with the highest being 11.95% APR.

  • You can use both fiat and crypto as collateral.

  • You can avoid paying interest for a year if you repay your loan on time.

How to get a loan on CoinLoan

After signing up on the platform, you'll need to verify yourself. The process is usually fast and can be completed within minutes. Then you'll deposit collateral, which can be fiat currency, crypto, or other stablecoins. Lastly, you'll choose your loan parameters, including your loan term, LTV ratio, loan amount, etc.

There is a calculator on-site that makes things easier. Also, you'll get a 50% fee discount if you pay back your loan with CLT, the platform's native token.


YouHodler is a crypto lending platform with diverse collateral options. It also offers some of the highest LTV ratios in the crypto loan world. However, USDT is the only stablecoin loan option for now. But you can also get a loan in four fiat currencies and withdraw it directly from your bank account.

Why YouHodler?

  • There are about 58 collateral options and still counting.

  • You can borrow loans with up to a 90% LTV ratio.

  • Interest payments are made once when your loan term expires.

  • Its Turbocharge option allows you to use your borrowed coins to borrow more loans.

  • You can use NFTs as collateral for borrowing loans.

How to Get a Loan on YouHodler

YouHodler is similar to the first two platforms in that you have to do KYC verification after signing up. Then, you deposit money into your YouHodler account using any supported currency. You can also deposit fiat.

You then use your deposit as collateral to take out your stablecoin loan. YouHodler also allows you to manage your loan conditions even when your loan is still active.


Ledn is a crypto loan platform with little collateral and loan options. You can only use BTC as collateral, and you can only receive your loan in USD or USDC. The loan runs typically for 12 months, and interest is paid together with the loan amount after the loan term passes.

Why Ledn?

  • It is risk-conservative, with an APR of 9.9% and a 50% LTV ratio.

  • International loans are available on the platform.

  • There are no prepayment fees.

  • It is a licensed and regulated platform.

  • It offers a service, B2X, that allows you to double your Bitcoin holdings.

How to Apply for a Loan on Ledn

To apply for a loan on Ledn, you'll need to show that you're who you say you are and give information about your wallet. If everything goes well, you'll deposit your collateral and receive your loan within 24 hours.

Other Platforms to Get Stablecoin Loans

You can also get loans from decentralized finance giants like Aave and Compound.

Factors to Consider Before Getting A Stablecoin Loan

The Loan Options

Before taking a stablecoin loan, find out the crypto collateral and repayment options. What are the highest and lowest loan-to-value ratios, and how high is the platform's annual interest rate? Also, find out all the fees you will have to pay, including origination fees, late payment fees, etc.

The Platform's security and counterparty risk

Not all cryptocurrency lending platforms are secure. Therefore, you must verify your crypto assets' safety before giving them away as collateral. Also, check their customer care system by chatting with them before signing up. That will give you a hint as to how they'll treat you if things go awry.

Supported digital assets and countries

Even if it is the best crypto lending platform, you can't use it if it doesn't have the digital asset you want or doesn't support your country.


Getting a stablecoin loan allows you to keep your crypto and still utilize it. Most of the time, all you need to get a loan is collateral, a good lending platform, and some personal information. However, ensure you verify the platform's security before submitting your collateral. That way, you can enjoy your stablecoin loan proceeds with a settled mind.

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