U.S. Treasury Department

Flux Finance launches US Treasury-backed lending token

Flux Finance has launched a decentralized lending protocol that is backed by OUSG. This will enable users to deposit USDC and DAI into the Flux protocol and in return, earn fUSDC and fDAI respectively.

Ethereum Coin Mixer Tornado Cash Is Finally Unbanned On GitHub

Tornado Cash is finally back up on GitHub after its ban by OFAC. While GitHub is yet to make an official statement, many Ethereum developers have lauded this move.

Jesse Powell Steps Down As CEO Of Kraken

Jesse Powell, the co-founder of Kraken, announced his plans to step down from his position as CEO. Kraken’s current chief operating officer Dave Ripley will succeed him.

White House Releases Framework For the Development of Crypto Assets

The White House has issued a framework for developing and regulating digital assets in the US. This recommendation will address the risks and maximize the potential benefits of crypto assets and their technologies.

US Treasury Sanctions Iranian Hackers And Blacklists Their Bitcoin Addresses

US Treasury Department has blacklisted Bitcoin addresses belonging to Iranian hackers while sanctioning their owners. The hackers have been encrypting their victims' devices, forcing them to pay ransoms in Bitcoin.