Liquid Staking


B2C2 Joins Blockdaemon And StakeWise To Offer Ethereum Staking Liquidity

B2C2 has partnered with Blockdaemon and StakeWise to provide liquidity for Ethereum staking. It would also be the sole over-the-counter spot liquidity provider for the digital receipt token sETH-h built on Portara.

Bitcoin Suisse Joins Liquid Collective To Enable Ethereum Staking

Bitcoin Suisse has joined Liquid Collective to enable Ethereum staking for its clients. The protocol made the decision due to increased client demands and to enhance liquidity and capital efficiency.

Aave Deploys Version 3 On Ethereum Network

Aave has deployed its V3 on the Ethereum Network after a successful unanimous vote by its governance. The upgrade incorporated a flexible architecture that helps mitigate user risk and improve capital efficiency.

Tranchess Launches Its Non-Custodial Liquid Staking Product, qETH, on Ethereum

Tranchess has launched its non-custodial liquid staking product, qETH, on Ethereum. Its decentralized approach will enable users to stake their tokens and, in return, receive qETH.