Galaxy Digital

Court Grants Celsius Extension To Submit Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan

Celsius has been granted an extension of its exclusivity period by the court. The company promises to utilize this period to develop plans for a stand-alone business and the benefits of its customers and stakeholders.

Galaxy Digital To Purchase Custody Platform GK8 From Celsius

Galaxy Digital secured the winning bid to buy GK8 from Celsius. The acquisition will allow GK8 to continue providing self-custody operations to financial firms.

The Truth Behind Bitcoin Mining and Traditional Banking Energy Consumption

Researchers and journalists have repeatedly presented wrong facts about Bitcoin mining and traditional banking energy consumption. However, we have dug the reals facts and presented them in this article.

BitGo Retaliates With $100M Lawsuit Threat After Galaxy Digital Backs Out Of $1.2B Acquisition Deal

Crypto firm Galaxy Digital announced the company is terminating a $1.2B proposal to acquire digital asset trust platform BitGo in what could have been the biggest acquisition deal in crypto history. In response, BitGo threatened to sue Galaxy Digital with a $100M lawsuit.