Stablecoin issuer Circle launches Euro Coin on Avalanche

USDC issuer Circle launched its Euro-backed stablecoin, Euro Coin, on the Avalanche blockchain.

Coinbase adds support for Euro Coin on Ethereum Network

Coinbase will add support for Euro Coin on ERC-20 token, and trading in supported regions starts on or after 9 AM PT on February 27. Also, support for EUROC will be added using the Experimental asset label.

Binance CEO says crypto industry may switch to non-USD stablecoins

Changpeng Zhao claimed that the pressure from regulators may shrink the USD stablecoin market and cause the crypto industry to switch to non-USD stablecoins.

Binance to temporarily halt USD bank transfers

Binance will suspend US Dollar deposits and withdrawals starting February 8. The exchange has not revealed the reason behind the suspension.