Crypto Laundering


South Korea Moves to Freeze Bitcoin Transferred from LFG Amid Search for Do Kwon

3313 BTC have been moved from Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) to Kucoin and OKX following the issuance of the arrest warrant for Do Kwon. The prosecutors requested both exchanges freeze the assets.

Chinese Authorities Arrest Criminal Group Suspected Of Laundering $5.6B

Authorities from China’s Hengyang County Public Security arrested members of a major criminal organization as part of the “Hundred-day Action” campaign.

New UK Bill to Give Law Enforcement Agencies More Power on Crypto-Crime Clampdown

The UK has introduced a new bill to give enforcement agencies greater power to "seize, freeze, and recover" cryptocurrencies. The bill seeks to strengthen anti-money laundering measures and make the UK business-friendly.

Thodex CEO Arrested In Albania

Albania authorities apprehended Thodex CEO Faruk Fatih Özer after he fled Turkey with $2B worth of users’ funds last year.

Uniswap Blocks 253 Addresses Over The Past Four Months

Decentralized exchange platform Uniswap blacklists 253 addresses that allegedly interacted with TRM Labs, citing ties to crimes involving stolen funds as the primary reason for the block.

Accused Money Launderer Extradited By U.S. DOJ To Face Criminal Trials

The DOJ’s Office of International Affairs arranges for the extradition of an alleged Russian money launderer from the Netherlands for criminal proceedings in the District of Oregon.

FTX Flags Aztec Protocol, Allegedly Freezes Users’ Funds

Bahamian crypto exchange FTX flags Aztec Network, Aztec Connect, and

Israel Cracks Down On Crypto Laundering Fraud Against French Treasury

Authorities of Israel bust a multi-million dollar crypto laundering scheme that targeted the French treasury for Covid-19 relief.