Judge authorizes Celsius to sell Bitmain mining coupons worth $7.4M

Judge Martin Glenn has authorized Celsius to sell $7.4M worth of coupons for Bitmain, a crypto mining firm. The coupons, which cost Celsius $37M, provide a 10-30% discount on Bitmain’s mining rigs.

Iris Energy Unplugs Its Miners Following $100M Loan Default

Iris Energy has unplugged many mining machines due to a loan default. The lender has demanded that the payments be made in full immediately, and the hosting arrangements with the facilities have been terminated.‍

Merkle Standard Increases Hashrate to 900% Within 8 Months

Merkle Standard has increased its hashrate to 900% within eight months. This has led to the rise in its computing power from a previous rate of 0.3EH/s to 3.1EH/s.

Bitmain Helps Miners By Offering Antminer Mining Rigs At Discounted Rate

Bitmain has announced its plan to offer an 80% discount on its Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs. This move by the manufacturer is to support miners struggling amid the crypto winter.