YouHodler vs CoinLoan Which Lending Platform is Superior

We breakdown the key differences and determine which is the better option to earn interest on crypto holdings.

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YouHodler vs CoinLoan: Which Lending Platform is Superior  | Bitcompare

There are several different crypto lending platforms around the internet, two of which are YouHodler and CoinLoan. When we look at YouHodler vs. CoinLoan directly, we can compare and contrast what these platforms offer and determine which is the better option for a person looking to earn interest on their crypto holdings.

These crypto platforms offer crypto-backed loans to their clients and have competitive interest rates on their savings accounts. Breaking down the differences between CoinLoan vs. YouHodler should help you decide which is the better option for you. In this comparison between YouHodler vs. CoinLoan, we'll look at the features each lending platform offers to its clients in detail.

What Is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a platform that enables users to spend cash while saving or holding ("hodling") their crypto assets. They provide crypto loans to their clients based on deposit value. Cryptocurrency savings accounts can earn as much as 10.52% interest APY.

Initially launched in 2017, YouHodler quickly became one of the more popular wallets to store cryptocurrency assets. However, the company expanded, becoming a lending platform that serviced both institutional and retail clients.

The company's Ledger Vault service provides insurance for deposited assets stored with the company, much like deposit insurance does for a regular bank account. Ledger Vault provides insurance for up to $150 million in deposit funds. Based on numbers from March 2022, as many as 174,000 people use YouHodler regularly, with over 570,000 accounts registered.

Features and Services

YouHodler processes as much as $1.2 billion in transactions across all its business services. The company's first offering, and the one it's most well-known for, is its crypto wallet. However, the platform offers several other services to its clients.

Multi HODL

Market volatility is a massive opportunity for crypto investors, and the Multi HODL account allows YouHodler's clients to take full advantage of it. Multi HODL can potentially skyrocket your earnings but carries significant risk. The utility is not recommended for new users or those with low risk tolerance.

Multi HODL works by selecting a coin and setting a level for take-profit and maximum risk allowance. Given these parameters, the engine will take out a series of cryptocurrency loans to borrow fiat and purchase crypto. The fiat serves as collateral for these loans. The number of loans the engine takes out depends on how much leverage the client has.

According to some return reports on YouHodler, Multi HODL can return almost three times the invested amount. Although, the risk for this sort of return is immense, and clients stand to lose as much as half of their initial deposit. Users that want to use the Multi HODL account are encouraged to keep 80% of their crypto as a deposit and risk 20% on the Multi HODL service.

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YouHodler Savings Accounts

As with most other platforms, clients can get a crypto savings account that offers 10.52% APY interest rates on some assets. However, depending on the deposit currency, the interest rate will vary. Based on current values, interest rates for some of the most popular digital assets are:

  • Tether (USDT): up to 8.33% APY
  • BTC: up to 3.05% APY
  • ETH: up to 4.08% APY
  • PAX Gold (PAXG) up to 3.05% APY

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Crypto-Backed Loans

Depositing crypto and taking out cash loans is a core part of the lending platform's business model. A depositor can use deposited assets to collateralize a loan with the lending platform. Currently, the platform also allows users to borrow funds using an NFT token as collateral.

YouHodler has a minimum loan value of $100, with a loan to value ratio (LTV ratio) of 90%. The loan process using NFTs is more complicated since there's no automated way of securing a loan with this collateral. Instead, borrowers must reach out to customer support to start the loan process. Standard crypto-backed loans can be taken by downloading their app and starting the process from there.

Aside from that, the fiat is usable immediately, with borrowers able to transfer the loaned fiat out to a personal account. There's also a wide selection of assets that borrowers can leverage as collateral for loans. YouHodler offers as many as 58 distinct cryptocurrencies that may be used for collateralizing a loan.

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YouHodler offers withdrawal for their clients via SWIFT or SEPA, with associated withdrawal fees. For USD withdrawals via SWIFT, the platform charges 1.5% with a minimum withdrawal limit of USD 70. For a SWIFT transfer of EUR, a client should expect to pay a flat rate of 55 EUR. Using SEPA, a user would pay 5 EUR in fees. If withdrawing to GBP or CHF via bank wire transfer, the user would pay 0.15% in fees, with a minimum withdrawal limit of 55 GBP or 15 CHF, depending on the withdrawal currency. YouHodler also has a minimum deposit amount of 100 for USD/CHF/EUR/GBP if the deposit is made by bank wire transfer.

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What Is CoinLoan?

CoinLoan is a platform based in Estonia. The platform was founded in 2017 and covers an extensive range of services. CoinLoan also offers crypto loans to their clients based on collateralization. Clients can trade and borrow up to twenty (20) different cryptocurrencies.

CoinLoan also provides interest-generating accounts for its clients, earning interest on their crypto value many times over. Interest on their crypto interest generating accounts can generate up to 12.3% APY. Like many other platforms, CoinLoan doesn't do credit checks before issuing fiat loans. Borrowers can access fiat loans immediately once they provide the required collateral in crypto.

Additionally, CoinLoan is flexible in its LTV ratio, offering several different ratios to its clients. Depositors can access LTV ratios of 20%, 30%, 59% and 70%. CoinLoan requires its clients to go through a KYC verification process which takes a few minutes for someone to complete.

Features and Services

CoinLoan offers several different services to its clients. According to the company's annual report, they saw massive growth and adoption over the last year. Cryptocurrency deposited in the platform experienced enormous growth through lending. The company's growth was due to easy access to its services through its online platform and app.

Crypto-Backed Loans

Loans backed by crypto deposits can be obtained from CoinLoan. Like many platforms that lend crypto, CoinLoan requires that clients make a deposit for collateral. The borrower can then leverage the deposited crypto assets to take out a loan based on a particular loan to value ratio. The platform offers its clients several options for payments as well.

Similar to YouHodler, CoinLoan's cryptocurrency loans are immediately accessible after taking them out. When you borrow funds from CoinLoan, you can transfer the fiat out to a personal account for any use. You are also allowed to borrow funds in digital assets. CoinLoan lends in both crypto and fiat.

Crypto loans have a set repayment method and are inflexible, so their repayment terms cannot be adjusted. Loans offered by CoinLoan are affected by the LTV ratio of the deposited assets.

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Crypto Interest Accounts

As a lending platform, CoinLoan requires crypto assets to lend to its borrowers. The platform gets these lendable assets from deposits. As a lender, you can earn a significant interest rate on your deposit, depending on what currency you put into the platform. CoinLoan supports crypto asset deposits alongside fiat deposits.

The interest on a crypto account varies depending on the cryptocurrency it relates to. For example, A USDC deposit can generate interest of 12.3% APY, while a deposit in BTC will earn interest at 7.2% APY. The rates are more competitive than those that YouHodler offers, making it a slightly more viable choice for a depositor.

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Crypto Exchange

CoinLoan offers clients access to a crypto exchange that they can use to buy, sell, trade, or swap tokens and coins based on their current market value. Users who have their value in one token or coin and want to diversify will find it easy to swap between multiple crypto assets at will. All it takes is a few clicks after the verification process is completed, and you can access the open market.

CLT - CoinLoan’s Native Token

The CoinLoan Token (CLT) is an ERC-20 token that is minted by CoinLoan. Users of the platform can use the CLT token to pay their platform fees. CLT can be used to repay a loan, and doing so gives the user significant discounts on the loan amount. Users can also use the token as collateral for a crypto loan. However, if someone does, they pay no platform fees and get a far better LTV ratio as a result. Users can also choose to stake their CLT with CoinLoan to raise their overall interest rates. Depending on how much CLT you stake, your interest will rise across the platform as a result:

  • 125 CLT raises a user’s Interest on an Account by 0.1%
  • 375 CLT raises a user’s Interest on an Account by 0.3%
  • 1,000 CLT raises a user’s Interest on an Account by 0.8%
  • 1,250 CLT raises a user’s Interest Account rates by 1%
  • 2,500 CLT raises a user’s Interest Account rates by 2%

By providing ways for users to practically utilize their CLT token, CoinLoan offers its users a reason to buy and hold the token, thereby increasing its value.


CoinLoan takes fees in all currencies except ETH tokens. Users are allowed one free ERC-20 token withdrawal but must pay costs for each subsequent withdrawal. All other crypto and fiat currency withdrawals are free. CoinLoan's approach to withdrawal payments makes it a viable option to withdraw assets and reinvest them in more profitable accounts. Each savings account has a minimum deposit and a minimum amount within the account that allows for accrual of interest.

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Compare with YouHodler and CoinLoan alternatives

Similar Savings Accounts

PlatformInterest Rates (APY)
Up to 7% on BTC
Up to 12% on Stablecoins
... 36 more coins
Up to 5% on BTC
Up to 0.08% on Stablecoins
... 163 more coins
Up to 3.05% on BTC
Up to 8.33% on Stablecoins
... 56 more coins

Comparing YouHodler and CoinLoan

YouHodler and CoinLoan both offer loans at attractive interest and provide lending services to their clients. However, there are some distinct differences between the two platforms. They also have their own drawbacks that users should be aware of.

CoinLoan's exchange is an excellent way for investors to diversify their crypto holdings and spread out the risk across multiple chains. However, CoinLoan isn't forthcoming about how often they margin call borrowers and whether depositors have lost their deposit on the platform through overleveraging. Borrowers can get a discount on their loans if they use CoinLoan's CLT token to pay back the loan.

YouHodler's MultiHODL account is a unique perspective on massive earning potential, but it can easily lead to people misunderstanding the risks and losing their crypto assets. YouHodler does an excellent job of informing users that they shouldn't overleverage their accounts and tries to spell out the danger to depositors. While YouHodler has a good track record of lending bitcoin, they only provide fiat loans in USD, GBP, and EUR.

Which is the better platform?

When comparing platforms, it's never as simple as a one-to-one comparison. Both platforms allow their users to open a savings account to gain passive income, although the interest rates on both platforms vary. CoinLoan's interest rates for an interest account might be the better option if a person just wants to accrue interest on their crypto holdings.

Crypto lending is how both platforms make the majority of their income. Interest rates on loans are competitive, but CoinLoan offers discounts on loans if they are repaid using the platform's proprietary CLT token.

YouHodler is a better option for holders who have a more considerable risk for appetite. CoinLoan lacks the opportunity for massive gains over a short time. YouHodler's MultiHODL account promises high returns but with the drawback of losing as much as 50% of the initial deposit. Some investors appreciate this freedom of choice in growing idle assets.

To date, YouHodler is still unavailable to US citizens, meaning that if you're located there, you won't have the option of opening an account on this platform.

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