Coinbase Card vs CRO Visa Card Which Crypto Card Is Better?

Crypto cards are a relatively new development when it comes to buying cryptocurrency, but what are they, and what's the best one? Let's find out.

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Coinbase Card vs CRO Visa Card: Which Crypto Card Is Better? | Bitcompare

With the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies on the horizon, more and more consumers have questions about the best crypto card for their current needs. Since there are so many options on the market, it can feel overwhelming to sort out the possibilities.


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Where should you start? Let's take a look at two crypto card selections that prove highly popular. Keep reading for our full breakdown and comparison of the Coinbase Card vs. the CRO Visa Card.

The Pros of Using Coinbase Card

One of the largest exchanges in the world, Coinbase represents a force with which to be reckoned. The company recently launched a crypto debit card available in the United Kingdom and select nations in the European Union.

According to recent rumours, look for Coinbase payment cards to continue rolling out around the world. As we wait to see what becomes of this speculation, let's take a closer look at the card's pros and cons.

Visa powers the Coinbase Card on the fiat side. That means peace of mind when it comes to knowing your funds are guaranteed by a financial institution with a trusted reputation.

Users utilize the Coinbase Card in association with a mobile wallet. You can download this wallet from both the Apple App and Google Play store. This app then links to your Coinbase account, which makes for a streamlined and easy-to-use platform.

The Cons of Using Coinbase Card

In terms of cons, Coinbase's fees prove both persistent and high. Expect to pay 1.00% of the value of an ATM withdrawal on transactions exceeding £200 per month. These transaction fees double with international withdrawals.

What about domestic purchases? These transactions are free.

But stay wary of international transactions. All told, these come with a 3% rate. You'll also need to watch for a crypto liquidation fee.

Last but not least, know that the card has a £10,000 spending limit. You'll also need to bear in mind a monthly spending maximum of £20,000 and an annual spending cap of £50,000. Most users get impacted by the daily ATM withdrawal limit of £500.

When it comes to a cryptocurrency card, Coinbase has some great features. That said, the transaction fees are exorbitant. For this reason, we don't recommend it for daily use.


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The Pros of Using the CRO Visa Card

The CRO Visa card has always boasted a robust relationship with Visa. As a result, it's accepted anywhere that merchants take a Visa. Made available in 2018, the card has become the first crypto card accessible worldwide. produces the CRO Visa card, and the Hong Kong-based platform has more than 400,000 users around the globe.

Besides being well-established, the CRO Visa card boasts some of the best cashback rewards of any crypto card on the market. For example, you'll earn CRO tokens on each purchase.

How do rewards get determined? By the amount of CRO, you've staked.

For example, you'll earn 1% with a free card and 5% with one of the company's high-tier cards. Other rewards include free subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime.

The Cons of Using the CRO Visa Card

What are the cons of using the CRO Visa card? The most significant obstacle remains its relatively limited geographic coverage. The only customers who can access the card and use it are those using Coinbase in the United Kingdom.

Keep an eye out for this card as it continues to become available in other markets across Europe. That said, the folks at have made no announcements about providing services to markets in Asia and the United States.

As you can see, the CRO Visa card represents the clear winner, although its current geographic limitations prove disappointing for those transacting outside UK and EU markets.

Compare with the best crypto debit card alternatives

VisaUp to 4% XLM, 1% BTC
Visa1–5% CRO, free Spotify & Netflix
Visa / Mastercard0.5%–1.5% BTC
VisaUp to 8% BNB
Mastercard2% crypto, 1% cash

Finding the Right Crypto Card 

Are you interested in learning more about crypto card choices? We've got you covered. Find the best crypto debit and credit cards of 2022 on Bitcompare.

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