Nexo Obtains Regulatory Approval In Poland

Nexo has won regulatory approval in Poland. It is now registered with the Ministry of Finance of Poland as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). This gives the company the right to provide services and harness Poland’s potential as a growing crypto hub.

Nexo To Exit US Market Due To Lack Of Regulatory Clarity

Nexo announced its plans to gradually exit the US market after hitting a “dead end” in its discussions with the US regulators.

Investors Sue Nexo For Blocking $126M Worth Of Crypto

Three investors filed a lawsuit in the London High Court against Nexo for blocking them from withdrawing their crypto assets.

Nexo Reports Zero Exposure To Genesis

Nexo’s latest tweets revealed that the platform does not have any exposure to Genesis after the latter suspended its loan services.

Nexo Boasts Of $0 Net Exposure To FTX

Nexo has boasted of its $0 exposure to FTX amid the exchange crisis. Its small loan to Alameda, fully collateralized by digital assets, was sold off a few days ago, making them immune to any losses.

Nexo Set To Incorporate Enterprise-Grade NFT Indexer Zash

Nexo will be integrating enterprise-grade NFT indexer Zash. Through this partnership, Nexo hopes to extract more liquidity from the crypto market and increase its offering.

Nexo’s Co-Founders Debunk Rumors Of Insolvency

Nexo’s Co-Founders reassured investors that Nexo is fully solvent and quelled rumors about the platform facing bankruptcy. They also answered the community’s questions related to Nexo's recent developments.

FTX’s CEO Reveals How They Will Approach Celsius' Auction

Addressing Simon Dixon's Tweets, Sam Bankman-Fried disclosed how FTX would place bids on Celsius’ Assets.

Nexo Acquires Stake In Summit National Bank

Nexo purchased a stake in Hulett Bancorp, a holding that owns Summit National Bank, with Nexo’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner Kalin Metodiev being appointed a board member of the bank.

U.S. Regulators Sue Nexo For Failing To Register Yield Product

Regulators from eight states, including California, filed a lawsuit against Nexo for not registering its “Earn Interest Product,” citing that Nexo’s offerings need to be treated as securities. 

Binance US Launches High-Yield Ethereum Staking Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

With the anticipated happening of the Merge event, Binance US has launched a high-yield staking product for users. But there is a caveat stating that rewards may change depending on factors like transaction fees.

Nexo Launches Its Crypto Trading Platform

Nexo released its all-in-one crypto trading platform, Nexo Pro, to provide spot, margin, and futures trading services to its users.