Mining Difficulty


Vertrax Miner Launches an Efficient Crypto Miner For Mining Start-ups

Vertrax Miner has launched its product that enables crypto miners to mine various cryptocurrencies. Its unique features aim to offer seamless mining for users.

Core Scientific Set To File For Bankruptcy

Core Scientific might be filing for bankruptcy in the near future. This is due to the prolonged decrease in Bitcoin price and other factors, which have affected the company’s liquidity.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Record High After Increasing by 3.44%

Bitcoin mining difficulty has jumped by another 3.44%. This brings the network's mining difficulty to a lifetime high of 36.84 trillion (ET). BTC's hash rate is currently between 260 and 275 EH/s.

Russia’s Bitcoin Mining Revenue Grew 18 Times Between 2017 And 2021

Crypto mining company Intelion Data Systems reported that the revenue of Russian Bitcoin miners has grown at an impressive pace between 2017 and 2021.

Binance Aids Bitcoin Miners By Launching $500M Lending Pool

Binance revealed its plans to support Bitcoin miners by launching a $500M lending pool.

Miners Face More Trouble as Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Highs

Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached a new high, increasing by 13.55% over the previous figure. Part of the rising difficulty is attributed to Ethereum's "Merge" upgrade, which freed up more space for Bitcoin miners.

BitNile Expects Its Bitcoin Mining Rate To Double By December

According to the latest press release, BitNile Holdings Inc. expects its Bitcoin mining rate to hit 4.7 BTC per day by the end of this month, and believes this number will double by December.

Hive Blockchain Considers Mining Ethereum Alternatives Ahead Of The Merge

Hive Blockchain begins analyzing other GPU mineable coins to optimize its mining equipment for the upcoming Ethereum Merge.

SBI Holdings Loses 40% Of Its Hash Rate, Canaan Doubles Mining Profits

SBI Holdings sees a 40% drop in its hash rate after it ceases crypto mining operations in Siberia, while Canaan sees an increase of 117% in its mining revenue despite China’s crypto ban and the overall decrease in mining profits.