Kalin Metodiev

Nexo Pens Open Letter On Vauld Acquisition Deal

Nexo has published an open letter in response to Vauld rejecting its final takeover offer.

Nexo Submits Final Takeover Proposal To Vauld’s Creditors

Nexo has sent an open letter to Vauld’s creditors after the latter called off its potential acquisition deal with Nexo.

Nexo’s Co-Founders Debunk Rumors Of Insolvency

Nexo’s Co-Founders reassured investors that Nexo is fully solvent and quelled rumors about the platform facing bankruptcy. They also answered the community’s questions related to Nexo's recent developments.

Nexo Acquires Stake In Summit National Bank

Nexo purchased a stake in Hulett Bancorp, a holding that owns Summit National Bank, with Nexo’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner Kalin Metodiev being appointed a board member of the bank.