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Youhodler Review: Earn Yield, Get Loans and Exchange Crypto

Did you realize that your cryptocurrency investment might yield you interest? See how it works by reading this Youhodler review.

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Youhodler review

Our take


Who doesn't want some free cash? Why not take advantage of the chance to earn free cryptocurrency while you sleep?

YouHodler is a cryptocurrency platform that allows us to receive loans using our cryptocurrency. We can utilize our cryptocurrency as a form of collateral. This allows us to earn interest on our cryptocurrency investments!

Did you realize that your cryptocurrency investment might yield you interest? To see how it works, take a look at this YouHodler review.

YouHodler Crypto Review

Cryptocurrencies, it is widely assumed, compete with fiat money. Even yet, because the market is so volatile, novice investors are generally hesitant to leave theirs unattended for long periods of time.

To achieve true success, we must become accustomed to the idea of holding on to our possessions during market changes. This is difficult to do, however, because many investors desire constant access to their funds. The volatility of cryptocurrency performance makes it difficult to 'HODL.'

Enter YouHodler -- the perfect solution.

As investors, we can keep our bitcoins on this platform while also having the opportunity to borrow against them. YouHodler is perfect for this, as seen by its success in the digital currency world. This success allowed them to grow and develop into a multifaceted crypto-fiat service.

Let's take a closer look at YouHodler and see how it can help crypto investors.

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What Is YouHodler?

This crypto-backed loan service provider is based in Switzerland. It is based on the idea that you can HODL in down markets and sell at any moment, not only during a surge.

It allows us to borrow fiat money at any time based on the current value of crypto assets. We can also convert crypto to money or other cryptos. Participate in the use of Stablecoins as well.

The best feature would probably be the withdrawal option; Take out fiat and transfer it to a personal credit card or account. We can also hold our crypto in a savings account with YouHodler.

Think of it as a crypto bank. Its efficiency and speed of transactions make it easy to work with your assets and bitcoin investments.

How to Use YouHodler

The experience is well-rounded, as we can find everything we need to know about crypto ownership and investment. Use YouHodler's adaptability to make the most of your digital assets.

What Is a YouHodler Wallet?

When you have a YouHodler Wallet, you are using a simple and efficient tool. It allows us to hold for investment purposes, convert to fiat, or transfer your crypto. Another great feature is its wallet designs for Bitcoins and more than 14 other cryptocurrencies popular today.

How to Use the YouHodler Wallet

The wallet is where we maintain our accounts and receive earnings if we use other YouHodler features. Other institutions that are linked with YouHodler help to make it a secure and safe environment.

A "crypto-to-fiat" wallet is available in a single window. You can get loans, manage your money, and even start a savings account here.

How to Obtain a Loan in Youhodler

One of YouHodler's most appealing features is its capacity to provide loans. It's comparable to hedging and gives you a flexible and simple option to get into the bitcoin market.

Our crypto-backed credit line allows us to obtain money. We can receive money anytime we need it without having to touch our crypto holdings. This eliminates a lot of the risk associated with investment decisions.

What Are Instant Crypto Loans?

The loan-to-value ratio is top rate -- up to 90%, which is very competitive in the space, making them a leader here. They accept 19 different types of coins as collateral.

We can get instant cash loans as well as crypto loans in the following currencies:

  • USD

  • EURO

  • GBP

  • CHF

  • BTC 

  • USDT

Interest rates here aren't too bad, either -- 12% APR. We get an even lower rate -- down to 2.5% -- when we take out short-term loans.

How to Request a Loan

Let's take a peek at the YouHodler loan process. They provide us with a few options for how to support them. We can apply for a loan in either Bitcoin or fiat currency. As previously stated, a variety of altcoins can be pledged as collateral.

How to Apply Online

We start by pledging crypto assets to make a request. We then receive an agreed-upon loan amount in fiat currency immediately. These fiats will be USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, Bitcoin, or Stablecoins or [Bitcoin, or Stablecoins]. Then, as soon as we repay our loan, we receive our collateral back, even if its value has increased.

We can't think of anything that could make this process any easier. We didn't have to wait for credit checks or other loan eligibility criteria to be completed. Our first process was completed as long as we had a confirmed account and sufficient collateral.

Loan Amounts and Terms

We have a variety of loan packages to choose from, each with its own set of terms. The three duration options are as follows:

Loan terms are available in three different lengths: 30 days – 90% LTV, 60 days – 70% LTV, and 180 days – 50% LTV.

Fortunately, our interest rate is determined by the type of plan we choose, not by the amount of collateral we put up.

All users receive the same interest rate, and we anticipate that as the community grows, interest rates will decrease. We can also benefit from YouHodler's affiliate scheme. This motivates people to invite others, accelerating the process.

Exit Strategies

Of course, we must pay back the loan. But YouHodler has 3 other options as well:

  1. Close Loan Without Repaying 

We are allowed to close a loan even if we can't pay it back completely. The outstanding loan is instantly paid using the collateral you've pledged. Then we receive the cryptocurrency that's remaining.

  1. Extend Loan Duration and PDL 

When the term of our loan is near maturity, we're given the option to simply reopen our account to continue holding the cryptocurrency with identical terms. We can even extend our 'Price Down Limit'. This can be done by adding collateral.

  1. Walk Away 

We have the option of walking away with 85% total value without the need to repay and without consequences. This is because they have a great LTV of 90%.

We can freely exchange crypto for instant cash. Through this particular feature, YouHodler has been very successful in creating fairness and transparency. 

Cryptocurrency Price Changes

We, as loanees, must consider the many variable prices. And as investors, we know quite well that the values of cryptocurrencies can change rapidly, even in the double-digits.

What if the Cryptocurrency Price Goes Down?

In this situation, we can see that YouHodler has set up its system with specific conditions that ensure the loan amount will not alter. As we discussed earlier, there is a "Price Down Limit" for each loan plan. If the value of your collateral falls below the PDL, YouHodler can close the loan.

If our collateral falls below 2/3 of the PDL, we are notified through email. We are not charged any additional fees as a result of this.

What if the Cryptocurrency Price Goes Up?

The feature called "Take Profit" applies to cases where our crypto-collateral goes up in value. We can set a particular Take Profit point, and when it gets to that level YouHodler will sell that collateral to repay the loan. The remaining profit is then deposited into our wallet.

When we request a loan, we can "Set Close Price".

How Do We Earn Interest on a Crypto Savings Account?

We have yet another great way to use our crypto assets like other fiat money. This flexibility is seen in the way they let us deposit crypto and then earn interest on it. We can do this by transferring the coins to a savings account where we have the ability to use 22 different cryptocurrencies.

Let's say we don't have the correct type of crypto. In this case, we will need to convert them into fiat. Annually, we can earn returns less than or equal to 12% interest. This way we'll get weekly interest payments deposited right into our YouHodler account. 

YouHodler's system checks our balance a few times a day (on average 4-6 times a day) and counts the earnings based on that. If we deduct our funds before the 7-day settlement period ends, everything earned inside that time will still be paid at the end of the 7-day period.

For example, if we keep our funds on the balance for 2.5 days and then withdraw funds, at the end of the 7th day we will get the profit earned for the 2.5 days during which we stored funds on the balance.

If we deposit more crypto inside the week, the earned interest from the additional funds is paid the same week.

YouHodler counts the total balance of wallets every 4 hours. After a week they take an average amount that we keep in our wallet for the week and then calculate an interest payout for each cryptocurrency.

Open a YouHodler Savings Account

We can earn interest on our crypto holdings by taking these steps:

  1. Open the "Wallets" page in YouHodler.

  2. Click "Add Funds" on the wallet.

  3. Follow instructions to deposit funds.

  4. Grow savings at less than or equal to 12% per annum.

We are able to withdraw crypto assets anytime. We don't have to wait for a set term to complete.

What Is Turbocharger?

We are able to invest assets in a "chain of loans" using Turbocharge. The quantity of loans is predetermined, and we can see the amount of collateral.

As soon as we press the "Turbocharge" button, our YouHodler leverages that collateral for a new loan. This method will repeat itself until the specified number of cycles have been finished. The user determines this value.

Once our first loan is processed, there are no extra fees. Not only that, but the interest rate on each loan is cut. For the initial loan, we require a minimum of 100 USD or 0.01 BTC.

What Is Multi HODL?

This is a new addition to their product selection. "Multi HODL" brings together the Turbocharger concept with an investment strategy, allowing us to get the most out of our assets.

By using this tool we can use our wallet balance or YouHodler savings account to multiply our crypto funds. They claim that the profit potential of this tool is up to 290%.

We are allowed to use up to 17 types of cryptocurrencies, adjusting for risk. We set our PDL for these investments, limiting our risk because we won't lose more than we set.

When we choose to use Multi HODL, they automatically take out a certain percentage of source funds and reinvest them. They then use it as collateral for that "chain of loan" we talked about earlier. This is how it works:

  1. YouHodler uses the share of our assets to open an initial loan.

  2. They then borrow funds and use them as collateral for the second one.

  3. This repeats 2-30 times, depending on the profit and loss level we, as users, set.

Then we have a couple more choices on how our collateral is to be further invested.

  • "Up" uses our crypto as collateral with borrowed USD. We choose this when we expect the value of our crypto to increase, yielding profit.

  • "Down" will take that USD as collateral in order to borrow our crypto assets. Here we're hoping for a decrease in crypto value to profit.

We're able to keep 80% of our assets safe when using Multi HODL. This will happen while we use the extra 20% in riskier actions. Youhodler suggests such a strategy, but the decision is really up to us.

What About Taxes on YouHodler Investments?

All of our tax obligations must be understood. We must be aware of whatever portions of our earnings are liable to taxation. To learn more about how to accomplish this, we recommend speaking with a competent tax advisor.

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YouHodler Review Discussing Pros and Cons

As average investors, YouHodler has us covered. Consider these pros and cons so you're prepared before you commit.


YouHodler offers great tools and allows us to decide how much risk we want to take with our assets. They open up new opportunities for new and experienced traders alike.

These include things like flexible options when it comes to investment and an earning potential max of 12% on savings. We also have the choice of funds (fiat, BTC, or Stablecoins). Not only this, but the minimum loan amount is $100.

They offer a high "loan-to-value" ratio max of 90% and features like Multi HODL and TurboCharge. Customer service is there for us -- they offer 24/7 help through email or live chat.


On the other side of the coin, we see a few cons to be aware of. For example, YouHodler is not a financial institution. Watch out for slightly high-interest rates on some loan terms. 

Another con is that citizens of the USA can't use it.

We Bet Our Crypto on It

As investors, we see crypto loans as strategic tools for leveraging and hedging assets. These services are ubiquitous. But we consider YouHodler to be good for investors with a large amount of idle crypto in their private wallets. Why not earn interest on it while you sleep?

It's not great for long-term loans due to somewhat high-interest rates but seems to be an effective short-term solution when it comes to cash flow. We hope this YouHodler review sheds some light on your choices in the crypto arena.

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