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What is CEX.IO?

Founded in 2013, London-based CEX.IO was initially a cloud mining provider. They owned the mining pool, one of the largest mining pools in 2013. The company decided to stop its cloud mining services in early 2015 for two reasons - low prices of Bitcoin & they did not own any mining rigs. But it did not stop them from succeeding, albeit as a cryptocurrency exchange. GHash ceased to exist, but CEX.IO is still in existence today and has made quite a name for itself in the crypto world.

CEX.IO is one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. So far, they did not lose even a dime of customer funds. Users from 99% of countries & 47 US states can use CEX.IO. As of now, they have more than 3 million users. They were one of the first crypto exchanges to offer fiat-to-crypto exchanges to crypto users via bank transfers & card payments. They have also built strategic partnerships across different markets with dozens of well-known banks.

A truly global company, CEX.IO has offices in many countries, such as the United States of America, Ukraine, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland. With over 250 employees working from one of their office locations, CEX.IO has grown multifold since its initial days.

Being a founding member of CryptoUK, CEX.IO is playing an instrumental role in building cooperation between the regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom and leading companies from the crypto space.

CEX.IO Broker offers users a way to trade cryptocurrencies via Contracts for Difference, popularly referred to as CFDs. It comes with advanced trading tools, technical analysis instruments, and a variety of order types.

CEX.IO supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash. In terms of fiat currencies, they support USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB.

A user who wishes to trade on CEX.IO from their phones can download their app from the Apple store and Google Play Store. It is also possible to trade on CEX.IO through the website, WebSocket, and REST API.

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