Best Bitcoin Interest Accounts

If you’re looking for a way to grow your Bitcoin, then you’ll want to check out these Bitcoin interest accounts.

Whether you're new to Bitcoin (BTC) or have been holding it for a while, one of the best ways to multiply your BTC is to earn interest on it. Keeping your Bitcoin idle in your wallet is a wasted opportunity, and earning interest on it is a great way to grow your holdings without taking on extra risk.

There are quite a few options available (17+) for earning interest on your Bitcoin and in this article we'll take a look at the best interest accounts to accelerate BTC accumulation.

How to choose the best Bitcoin interest account

When choosing a Bitcoin interest account, there are a few things to look for:

  • Interest rate: Make sure to compare the interest rate of different BTC interest accounts. The higher the interest rate, the more you'll earn on your BTC balance. Currently, Midas.Investments offers the highest BTC yield with a mammoth 9.42% APY.
  • Minimum balance: Some Bitcoin interest accounts require you to maintain a minimum balance in order to earn interest. This minimum balance can vary depending on the account, so make sure to check before you sign up.
  • Fees: Some Bitcoin interest accounts charge fees, so be sure to compare the fees of different accounts before choosing one.
  • Security: Make sure to choose an account that offers high levels of security, such as two-factor authentication and cold storage.
  • Insurance: Some Bitcoin interest accounts are uninsured so choose established platforms with insurance policies.

By choosing an account with a high interest rate and low fees, you can maximize your earnings. And by choosing a secure account, you can rest assured that your BTC is safe.

Nexo Bitcoin interest account

  • Nexo

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    8% APY

    Intro offer

    Invite friends and earn up to $1,000, paid out in Bitcoin


    375,000,000 USD for theft, hacking, loss of keys and more

    Worth noting

    Earn 2% more when opting to earn interest in NEXO tokens

AQRU Bitcoin interest account

CoinLoan Bitcoin interest account

  • CoinLoan

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    5.2–7.2% APY

    Intro offer

    No current offers


    $100M insurance included

    Worth noting

    Earn higher interest and pay lower fees when staking their CLT token

YouHodler Bitcoin interest account

So, what’s the verdict?

Which of these Bitcoin interest accounts is best for you? It depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want to maximize your earnings potential, go with Midas.Investments. If you prioritize convenience and accessibility, AQRU is a great option. And if you value safety and security above all else, Nexo should be your top pick. Whichever account you choose, make sure to start earning interest on your BTC today.

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