Margex Review How Does it Stack Up?

There's a ton of buzz around Margex, but how does it perform? Read this complete Margex review for all the info you need!

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In recent years, speculating on cryptocurrencies has surged in popularity. As traders and investors continue to make their way into the digital currency sphere, they're demanding more sophisticated investment options.

For example, leveraged trading exchanges permit investors to long or short the digital currency market. In the process, skilled users may leverage up to 100:1, maximizing their earning potential.

As the demand for crypto exchanges and platforms continues to grow, many new companies have attempted to fill the gap. One of these brands is Margex, which offers Bitcoin derivatives trading.

What does Margex bring to the game, and is it a platform worth considering for your investment needs? Keep reading for everything you need to know about this new exchange.

What Is Margex?

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and mature, a new class of companies has come on the scene. These companies remain committed to providing customers with better crypto investment experiences and outcomes.

Margex is one of these enterprises. The exchange launched in 2020 from Seychelles with a $1,000,000 bonus giveaway to be distributed amongst 10,000 users.

Today the company remains committed to making cryptocurrency derivatives trading customer-centric. It's dedicated to offering customers a new investment platform and digital asset that proves transparent, fair, and secure.

The company's primary operation remains a Bitcoin-based derivatives market, allowing users to trade long and sell short crypto pairs with leverage of up to 100:1. Margex offers a powerful combination of high-leverage trading and an intuitive user interface.

But what features can you expect with Margex? Here's what you need to know about how Margex continues to distinguish itself from the pack.

Features of Margex

What do customers love about Margex? The features customers rave about include:

  • 100X scalable leverage that applies to all trading pairs (e.g., Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), and Yearn Finance (YFI))

  • A high-class user interface

  • Price Manipulation Protection systems that are AI-based and monitor for irregularities across all trading pairs

  • Bank-grade security

  • Scale-on-demand infrastructure that can handle upwards of 100,000 transactions per second

  • Combined liquidity of multiple liquidity aggregators, allowing for the best possible entry and exit prices

Let's take a closer look at some of these features and why consumers appreciate them.

A User-Friendly, Streamlined Service

Many users report that Margex proves easy-to-use and particularly beginner-friendly. For this reason, it continues to attract a following among those who are new to crypto investing.

What can you do with Margex? The platform permits you to trade USD crypto pairs using Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral. With Margex, you gain access to up to 100x isolated margin trading.

Margex also represents a one-stop-shop when it comes to liquidity. The company boasts the combined liquidity of 12 popular exchanges, all conveniently located in one platform.

The result? Deep liquidity and an impressive $40 million order book depth. This platform permits users to trade popular digital futures coins using a sleek, streamlined interface that offers competitive fees.


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What Customers Love About Margex

What else do you need to know about Margex's features? It offers competitive trading fees and protection against price manipulation.

Why does price manipulation matter? Trading cryptos comes with plenty of risks because digital currencies represent a highly volatile asset class. As a result, price movements often come with sudden fluctuations.

What's more, price manipulation of low liquidity trading pairs may occur. Unfortunately, price manipulation is a surprisingly common problem on exchanges such as BitMex.

How does Margex circumvent this issue? Through the platform's Price Manipulation System. This system monitors the consistency of prices relying on algorithms from its 12 liquidity partners.

A World-Class Platform

The exchange relies on two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect user funds. Last but not least, Margex boasts a generous affiliate program.

When you refer other qualified users to the platform, expect to earn up to 40 percent on each referral's first deposit with the platform. Consumers continue to flock to Margex exchange because it provides a world-class user experience.

Coupled with this are many other beneficial characteristics of the platform, including its fairness, security, easy-to-use interface, and access to the highest class of financial technologies worldwide.

It's no surprise the platform continues to receive positive feedback from a variety of trading communities. They remain particularly impressed by the deep liquidity achieved by combining swift order execution speeds with multiple liquidity providers.

Margex Fees

Margex fees follow the maker/taker model, a standard approach used by many different exchanges. You'll pay 0.019 percent as a maker and 0.060 percent, and these fees apply to all trading pairs.

Within eight hours, you'll gain access to funding like other platforms such as BitMex. Remember that the trader will only pay or receive funding if they're holding a position when funding time comes around.

Is Margex Secure?

The exchange relies on the best in cryptocurrency and bank-grade security standards. All assets get stored in cold offline wallets, while you can secure your account via the 2FA.

The lack of IP whitelisting represents a minor deficiency. Nevertheless, Margex offers an email notification system that notifies you about all activity related to your account.

Is Margex Available for Americans?

Americans are not allowed on Margex, which is a significant letdown, although by no means rare when it comes to crypto platforms.

At this point, you may ask yourself this question. Why do so many crypto exchanges refuse to permit US citizens to open accounts with them?

The answer is simple, the Securities Exchange Commission. The SEC remains rigid in its stance when it comes to cryptos. Part of the reason for this is that the SEC doesn't permit foreign companies to solicit US investors.

That is unless these foreign companies also happen to be registered with the SEC in America.

What happens if foreign companies get caught soliciting American investors anyway? The SEC has the jurisdiction to file a lawsuit against them.

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Margex Review: The Takeaway

Are you looking for a go-to cryptocurrency trading platform? One that empowers investors, providing them with the control they need over their trades along with a high level of security and transparency? Then, Margex is an excellent place to start.

Want to know more about digital currency exchanges? Compare Margex to other popular cryptocurrency platforms now.

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