Bybit Review What We Love, Like and Dislike About this Exchange

Are you considering using Bybit as a cryptocurrency exchange platform? Here is everything you need to know to help you make your decision.

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Launched in March 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Despite its recent beginnings, the site hosts more than one million registered users.

What's one of the reasons for its dramatic rise in popularity? The platform places a primary emphasis on providing experienced traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

But as you'll see in this Bybit review, the allure doesn't stop there. Users of the website also enjoy its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Nevertheless, the Bybit exchange proves powerful, boasting the ability to handle 100,000 transactions per second. And it provides perpetual futures of up to 100x leverage! Keep reading for our full analysis of this impressive platform.

What Is Bybit?

One of the fastest-growing crypto derivatives margin trading platforms, Bybit continues to revolutionize the way people trade in digital currencies.

Because of its impressive 100 TPS capabilities, you never have to worry about overload issues. Yet, you'll still enjoy low latency (just one millisecond).

What's more, the exchange boasts support in multiple languages (e.g., Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean), making it a popular crypto derivatives exchange worldwide.

There are currently two kinds of contracts that you may enter into via ByBit:

  • Inverse perpetual contracts
  • USDT perpetual contracts

With an inverse perpetual contract, a trader may trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and EOS.  With an inverse perpetual agreement, the underlying crypto must be utilized as the margin to trade respective contracts.

As for USDT perpetual contracts? The margin you'll use is USDT. These are linear contracts and an excellent route to go if you're a digital currency trading beginner.


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The Team Behind Bybit

Who founded this innovative approach to a trading platform? Ben Zhou is the co-founder and chief executive officer.

Besides Zhou, the founding team includes pioneering professionals from the foreign exchange and investment banking industries. The team also boasts early adopters of blockchain as well as industry enthusiasts.

This team continues to push the envelope on offering the best customer experience on the market today. To do this, they rely on a ground-up approach and best-in-class infrastructure.

The goal? Providing users with the industry's fastest, fairest, safest, and most transparent trading experiences possible.

Unique Features of Bybit

Unlike some other margin trading exchanges, Bybit provides consumers with a streamlined approach to trading. While the platform comes with all of the features you could want, it achieves a smoother overall experience than most trading platforms.

What are some of the most notable differences between Bybit and other platforms? They include:

  • High leverage
  • Concentrated exchange for high volume trading
  • Easy-to-use terminal
  • Mobile app
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) not required
  • Exchange coins at market rate
  • Hedging

Let's take a closer look at each of these features and what they mean when trading via Bybit.

High Leverage

You'll enjoy the leverage of up to 100x with Bybit. In other words, this represents the level of funds you may borrow from the exchange.

What does this mean in a real-world scenario? Imagine you've opened a position of $100 as your initial margin, and you'd like to leverage 50x. With Bybit, you have the option of trading a contract valued at $5,000.

Concentrated Exchange for High Volume Trading

How else does Bybit set itself apart? By supporting five high volume cryptos for trading. These include ETH, EOS, BTC, USDT, and XRP.

The platform has also introduced perpetual trading in USDT with profit and loss statements(P&L) counted in USDT. This approach will save users many headaches.

Easy-to-Use Terminal

Bybit also offers users one of the most intuitive trading terminals on the market today. If you're swapping an existing exchange such as Binance or Bitmex, you'll be amazed by the streamlined setup.

Despite the focus on an easy-to-use platform, you'll still be pleased by the robust features available on the app.

Mobile App

The Bybit mobile app also proves both simple and easy to use. It's available for Android and iOS, and you can get up and running with it quickly and easily.

Best of all, you'll never have to deal with an overly busy interface jampacked with too many options. Instead, the Bybit app gives you everything you need in one spot without a cluttered application.

No KYC Required

Despite being one of the few exchanges with no KYC requirements, Bybit doesn't skimp on security. You can sign up anywhere in the world unless you live in a sanctioned country or America. Users in the US must use a VPN (e.g., NordVPN) to access Bybit.

What's more, you'll find the sign-up process to be surprisingly fast. Best of all, you're entitled to a joining bonus.

Exchange Coins at Market Rate

With Bybit, you can also exchange one coin for another. For example, if you're holding BTC, and you want to convert it to USDT or ETH, Bybit makes it a breeze.

What about pricing? You'll find it's the same as any other popular exchange. However, this "exchange coin" feature is not very popular and can be hard to find online.


What's another fantastic feature of using Bybit? The exchange allows you to hold both long and short positions. And you can do this simultaneously.

The platform also offers an "isolated mode," which permits you to use different leverages to respond to concurrent positions.

More Advantages of Using Bybit Exchange

Besides the factors listed above, there are many more compelling reasons why consumers keep turning to Bybit. For starters, Bybit features a smart trading system.

This system includes set up, take profit, and stop-loss entry. You can also receive strategy alerts and adjust your orders in real-time. Everything is available with just a click of a button.

You should also know that Bybit offers the best-in-class market depth, which means that each trade gets executed relying on the minimal price impact.

Bybit also boasts a state-of-the-art pricing system. This system ensures that you'll never experience unfair liquidations with their dual-price mechanisms.

And its 100K TPS matching engine means you'll never stress about overloads with the platform's uber-speedy machines. When you couple this with 99.99 percent system functionality, it's a win-win.

You'll never have to worry about server downtimes. Why? Because of the exchange's great release feature as well as its hot patches released on-the-fly.

You'll also enjoy 24/7 customer service, which means you can get all of your questions answered day and night. You'll also enjoy a multilingual customer service team.

Bybit Exchange Options and Order Types

On Bybit, you'll gain access to the following order types:

  • Conditional
  • Limit
  • Market

But you'll also find additional order options. They include:

  • Reduce-only
  • Post-only
  • Immediate or cancel
  • Good until canceled
  • Fill or kill

A conditional order is a flexible order type. It becomes either a market or limit order when a certain price level gets reached. This limit depends on parameters set manually by users.

Bybit Options for Trading

Beyond this, you can apply all of those order types to four different options for trading. Each of these options comes with additional leverage. They include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 100x
  • EOS: 50x
  • Ethereum (ETH): 50x
  • Ripple (XRP): 50x

When you use Bybit, you'll soon see that these options are more than enough for a trader to turn the market in their favor. What's more, you'll appreciate the platform's incredible profits with advanced order types and the power of leverage.

Bybit Exchange's Order Tab and Interface Design

When you log into Bybit, you'll see an order tab on the right-hand side of the interface. The order tab permits users to choose whether they want limit, market, or conditional order types.

These are all of the options you'll need to make a profit in one of the most volatile markets. Note that at the top of the order tab, you'll see the leverage adjustment slider.

You can set this slider from 1x to 100x. Or enter a custom leverage level if you'd prefer.

The maximum leverage will vary depending on the asset you're trading. What do we love about this design? It permits everything to be adjusted or accessed in one or two clicks.

You'll also find the mini-tab for selecting assets in the upper right corner of the tab. This is where the Bitcoin character is located.

Click on it, and you'll find a selection of assets you can trade with leverage. Under the order tab, you'll find the contact details.

Here, you'll see displayed all of the details for the selected contract BTC/USD. This proves super handy for those seeking a more global view of the platform's activity.

What's our one criticism of this set-up? This button isn't prominent enough, which can make it a pain in the neck to find. Right now, it's only the logo of the selected asset.

Bybit Exchange: A Streamlined and Simple Interface

Bybit's user interface is streamlined and simple to follow. It features a striking dark-and-white color set-up. But you can customize the interface to satisfy your own needs and functionality.

Customization makes it a high-quality leveraged trading platform. The design of the interface proves highly intuitive, especially for traders who value high accessibility.

The Bybit UI's design holds its own level. The trading environment proves both unique and different enough to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

This reality proves especially true if you compare it to the old school UI design of platforms such as Bitmex. But Bybit sits a notch above.

Which Crypto Coins Are Available via Bybit for Margin Trading?

There are a variety of coins that you may use for margin trading on Bybit. They include:

These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there and represent an excellent way to start trading in digital currencies.

What Do Bybit Fees Look Like?

Bybit has one of the lowest trading fees structures on the market. Especially when compared to other leveraged trading platforms. For this reason, the marginal cost of opening positions is very low.

This is one of the reasons this platform has become so big. It also explains why Bybit has taken second place among the best leverage trading exchanges out there today.

When you choose Bybit for your trading needs, you'll enjoy relatively low overall trading fees. The exchange's maker fees come in at 0.025 percent, and taker fees are 0.075 percent.

You'll also pay a finance fee every eight hours, which proves different for each asset. What happens when a position closes? The fees are deducted from the profit or the loss made.

Why Should You Consider Bybit?

The Bybit exchange has worked hard to create a product that exudes high stability and security. It will continue to attract users worldwide. Bybit will also expand as one of the best exchanges in the coming years.

Its streamlined, minimalist user interface and reliable tools are redefining the ultimate trading experience. For these reasons, Bybit continues to grow and has been attracting more users since its foundation.

The way they deal with the exchange speaks for its overall performance and quality. High leverage trading has gradually become a highly sought-after product in the industry. What's more, as trading platforms are emerging, this has led to intense competition.

If you're looking for a reliable, leveraged exchange, consider Bybit. It permits customers to safely and rapidly start trading. But bear in mind that the derivatives exchange requires a learning curve. It's recommended that you understand how it works before starting to trade on it.

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While none of these red flags are necessarily game-changers, you need to be aware of them. You'll also need to consider whether these are issues or risks you want to stomach.

For example, some customers may not feel comfortable working with an exchange that's so new and largely unregulated. But for those willing to take a chance, the results could be something worth writing home about.

Not sure how Bybit fits into the mix? Explore the wide world of crypto exchange reviews.

Bybit Review: The Takeaway

As you can see from this Bybit review, there are many compelling reasons to give Bybit a try. This crypto exchange platform comes with a stunning and simplified interface that makes trading simple. Yet, you can rest assured the platform takes security seriously.

Are you ready to find out more about cryptocurrency exchanges? Or perhaps you're ready to start trading but don't know how to get started? Browse our exchange comparisons spanning the DeFi and CeFi industry now.

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