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J.P. Morgan Executes First DeFi Live Trade On Public Blockchain

J.P Morgan has successfully taken its first DeFi trade on the public blockchain. It employed tokenized deposits and verifiable credentials to ensure the success of the trade.

Invictus Capital Defaults On $1M TrueFi Loan

Invictus Capital has defaulted in paying a $1 million TrueFi loan. The debt was uncollateralized due to Invictus’ good reputation at the time. However, with the collapse of the Terra project, the company has been unable to fulfill its financial obligations.

Celsius Under Investigation Over Allegations Of Operating Like A Ponzi Scheme

Federal judge Martin Glenn expanded the scope of the investigation into Celsius’ bankruptcy proceedings. Next, Pillay will consult with the Celsius Creditors Committee to decide who will lead the probe into Celsius.

Judge Rejects Celsius’ $3M Key Employee Retention Plan

Federal judge Martin Glenn disapproved Celsius’ plan to pay bonuses worth $3M to select employees.

Credix Partners with Lender Clave to Open a $150M Stablecoin Credit Pool

Decentralized credit marketplace, Credix Finance, is partnering with digital lender, Clave, to bring debt capital markets on-chain with the launch of a $150M stablecoin credit pool. The credit facility will open in 2023.‍

Polkadot Releases Nomination Pools For Native Staking

Polkadot Network added support for Nomination Pools to allow smaller investors to verify blockchain transactions and earn staking rewards.

Crypto Staking Industry’s Market Capitalization Hits Nearly $100B

The market cap of the crypto staking industry currently hinges at the $95.5B mark, up by 13.8% over the last week.

Hodlnaut Founders Accused Of Hiding Important Documents

Hodlnaut woes continue as they are accused of withholding important financial documents from the authorities.

Decline in Stablecoins’ Market Cap: Here’s What We Know

Several stablecoins have recently seen their market capitalization drop by a few billion. This may be due to various factors. But here’s what we know about the downtrend.

Elon Musk Twitter Takeover Will Boost Crypto Adoption Globally

Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter is a big win for the crypto community as it promises the global adoption of crypto.

Sattva Block Co. Launches Two New Crypto Mining Sites

Crypto mining service Sattva Block Co has announced the launch of two new mining sites. They will use liquid cooling technology to boost hash rate, efficiency, environmental sustainability, and overall mining performance.

India’s Central Bank Set To Launch Wholesale CBDC Pilot On November 1

The RBI will roll out the first pilot in the Digital Rupee wholesale segment on November 1. The use of the wholesale CBDC pilot is to improve efficiency in settling market transactions.

Blockchain Firm Valereum Secures GFSC Approval To Buy Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Blockchain company, Valereum, has received approval from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to buy the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. The deal is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2023 for an undisclosed amount.

Argo Blockchain's Shares Plunge Following Unsuccessful $27M Fundraise

Argo’s attempt to raise $27 million to sustain its business was unsuccessful. The company called off the LoI signed with a strategic investor because the deal could not go through under the previously announced terms.

Aggrieved TerraUSD Investors Sue Do Kwon For $57 Million in Fresh Fraud Lawsuit

Do Kwon, and Terra’s founding member, Nicholas Platias, are currently facing a new $57 million lawsuit filed by 359 aggrieved investors in Singapore. This is an addition to the numerous legal battles he is facing.

Vertrax Miner Launches an Efficient Crypto Miner For Mining Start-ups

Vertrax Miner has launched its product that enables crypto miners to mine various cryptocurrencies. Its unique features aim to offer seamless mining for users.

Moldova Bans Crypto Mining As Energy Crisis Continues

Moldova has banned crypto mining in the country as part of its emergency measures to manage its current electricity crisis. Ukraine cannot continue exporting electricity to the country, hence the shortage.

Core Scientific Set To File For Bankruptcy

Core Scientific might be filing for bankruptcy in the near future. This is due to the prolonged decrease in Bitcoin price and other factors, which have affected the company’s liquidity.

Wealthsimple Launches Staking Services For Ethereum And Solana

Wealthsimple added support for staking Ethereum and Solana assets.

Did China Really Leave The Crypto Markets?

China might be passively involved in crypto behind the scenes. Find out how

Alex Mashinsky Accused Of Falsely Claiming To Invest $18M In CEL’s ICO

Tiffany Fong’s latest set of Tweets alleged that Alex Mashinsky, Co-Founder and Ex-CEO of Celsius, falsely claimed to invest $18M in CEL's ICO.

Stone Ridge Launches Bitcoin Lightning Accelerator, Wolf

Stone Ridge has launched Wolf, a Bitcoin Lightning accelerator. It aims to enable start-ups and founders to develop their businesses or ideas on the Lightning Network.

Aspen Creek Opens Second Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Center in Texas

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation has announced the commencement of operations of its second high-performance computing center. The center can host 10,000 ASIC miners and is linked to a brand-new 87MW solar farm.

Ethereum’s Rally Causes Lido DAO To Rise By 12%

Ethereum’s recent rally caused the price of the LDO token to surge by 12%.

Bank Of America Claims Investors See Bitcoin As “Safe Haven”

Bank of America’s analysts Alkesh Shah and Andrew Moss stated that investors consider Bitcoin as a "safe haven" due to its 40-day correlations with gold.

Nigeria’s CBDC Project Struggles At Less Than 0.5% Adoption

The Nigerian CBDC, eNaira, failed to gather support from residents as less than 0.5% of Nigerians use the digital currency.

Singapore Moves to Make Borrowing for Crypto Purchases Illegal

Singapore wants to ban retail investors from borrowing funds to trade cryptocurrency and generating returns from lending and staking. But it does not seek to prohibit crypto services outrightly.

Charles Schwab Reports 45% Of Younger Population Wants Crypto In 401(k)s

A survey conducted by Charles Schwab revealed that nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials want crypto investments as part of their retirement plans.

Block Hires Former Argo CTO To Develop Bitcoin Mining Division

Block has hired a former Argo CTO, Perry Hothi, to assist in developing its Bitcoin mining division. This move by Block is part of its effort to provide crypto-centric services for its users.

UK Legislators Vote In Favor Of Regulating Crypto Assets As Financial Instruments

The House of Commons voted to recognize crypto assets as financial instruments. This will allow the authorities to regulate crypto assets under the Financial Services and Markets Bill.

CashApp Enables Bitcoin Lightning Network Transactions

CashApp now supports Bitcoin Lightning payments. This new feature will give room for fast and efficient transactions at a cheap rate.

58% Of Hong Kong And Singapore Elites Own Crypto Assets

A study published by KPMG China and Aspen Digital revealed that a majority of Singapore and Hong Kong elites are increasingly investing in digital assets. 

SBF Prefers Censorship?

Sam Bankman Fried releases a controversial "industry guide" that reveals his stance on major issues in the crypto industry.

Celsius Gains Court Approval For Its Bidding Procedure

The Court approved Celsius' plan for the auction of its assets and mandated the appointment of a customer privacy ombudsman.

SEC Chairman Warns About Centralization In The Crypto Market

In his recent speech, Gary Gensler, the SEC Chairman, revealed his opinions on the increasing centralization in the crypto ecosystem.

Canaan Inc. Announces Launch of New Generation Bitcoin Mining Machines

Leading provider of Bitcoin mining machines, Canaan Inc., has launched its Avalon Made A13 ("A13") series. The series consists of two models promoted as more power-efficient with more computational power.

Study Claims Only 25% Of Australians Support CBDCs

A recent study conducted by Morning Consult revealed that the citizens of a number of developed nations are against issuing CBDCs.

Japan Credit Bureau To Test CBDCs For Settling Payments

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) will conduct tests on the CBDC infrastructure to assess whether CBDCs can be used for settling payments via JCB’s credit card systems.

Kazakhstan Retains Its Position As The Third Largest Hub For Bitcoin Mining

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) revealed that Kazakhstan-based miners accounted for 13.22% of the total Bitcoin hash rate, with the country’s monthly hash rate averaging 24.6 Eh/s. 

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Record High After Increasing by 3.44%

Bitcoin mining difficulty has jumped by another 3.44%. This brings the network's mining difficulty to a lifetime high of 36.84 trillion (ET). BTC's hash rate is currently between 260 and 275 EH/s.

Freeway Halts Services Following Unprecedented Volatility

Freeway has announced halting transactions related to its Supercharger product. The company cited unprecedented volatility in the market and claims this move will help diversify its asset base.

Binance’s Stablecoin Hits All-Time High Market Share Of 15.48%

BUSD's stablecoin market share increased to its highest level at 15.48%. The token's market capitalization also grew by 22.88% within the past 2 months.

Hong Kong Seeks To Legalize Crypto Trading

Hong Kong regulators aim to reconsider their stance on crypto by allowing retail investors to directly invest in crypto assets.

Russia’s Bitcoin Mining Revenue Grew 18 Times Between 2017 And 2021

Crypto mining company Intelion Data Systems reported that the revenue of Russian Bitcoin miners has grown at an impressive pace between 2017 and 2021.

Voyager Requests Creditors To Vote In Favor Of FTX’s $1.42B Sale Plan

Voyager Digital urged its creditors to support FTX US’ sale agreement to purchase the bankrupt lender’s assets.

FTX To Delist Tokens That It Considers As Securities

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX, said his exchange will stop supporting certain tokens in the US to avoid facing regulatory issues.

Mango Market Exploit: A DeFi cybercrime disguised as “Good Intentions”

Market manipulation in the DeFi crypto world is almost a usual occurrence. The Mango Market exploit is just another in an endless list of exploits. Who are those involved, who's to blame and how can a future occurrence be prevented?

Coinbase Adds Zero-Commission USDC Trading Outside The US

Coinbase implemented a commission-free USDC trading service for non-USD currencies to encourage wider adoption of USDC.

Prime Trust Agrees To Return $17M To Celsius

Prime Trust has agreed to transfer $17M worth of crypto assets to Celsius.

Updates on Elusive Kwon

An update on Do Kwon's whereabouts and the chase by prosecutors and group of vigilantes

JPMorgan Hires Ex-Celsius Executive As Crypto Policy Head

JPMorgan Chase hired former Celsius executive Aaron Iovine as its head of crypto regulatory policy. Following his appointment, Iovine will now work with JPMorgan’s regulatory affairs group.

Binance.US Releases VeChain Staking Product

Binance.US launched a staking product for VeChain Token (VET) that pays out rewards every week in the form of VeChain Thor (VTHO) tokens.

FTX’s Tentative Deal May Allow Voyager’s Clients To Recover 72% Of Their Assets

Voyager Digital could allow its customers to retrieve up to 72% of their frozen funds as part of a provisional deal with FTX US.

UK Inflation Rate Soars To 10.1%

The inflation rate in the UK hit 10.1% in September after dropping to 9.9% last month, with food prices witnessing the highest jump since 1982.

Japan To Ease Screening Process For Listing Virtual Tokens

Japanese regulators plan to ease regulations to allow registered crypto exchanges to list digital tokens without undergoing a long screening process.

Israel To Test Blockchain-Based Digital State Bonds

Israel’s Ministry of Finance and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) plan to perform live testing of tokenized government bonds.

EU’s Draft Law Urges Member Nations To Be Ready To Halt Crypto Mining

The European Union seeks to curb the energy consumed by mining operations with its latest draft law. 

Lido Co-Founder’s Comments On Solo Staking Receive Backlash From Ethereum Community

Vasiliy Shapovalov's statements on solo staking attracted the attention of the Ethereum community, with many claiming that his opinions went against Ethereum’s goal of achieving decentralization. 

ApeCoin DAO May Delay APE Staking To Launch Bug Bounty Program

A proposal submitted to the ApeCoin DAO’s forum seeks to delay the launch of APE Staking, and instead, suggests allocating 1M APE tokens (worth $4.5M) as part of a bug bounty program.

SEC And CFTC Probe 3AC Over Allegations Of Investor Conduct Violations

SEC and CFTC investigate Three Arrows Capital (3AC) for potentially misleading its investors.

Ethereum’s Post-Merge Censorship Issue May Hit New Highs

The introduction of MEV-Boost relays following the Merge has led to a significant increase in Ethereum ecosystem censorship. The recently reported 51% censored blocks mark a significant step towards full censorship.

Ethereum Rolls Out Shandong Testnet

Ethereum developers launched the Shandong testnet to work on the upcoming Shanghai update.

New Reveal: Bitcoin’s Roles in Supporting a Better Climate

Discussing how Bitcoin helps in mitigating climate change is long overdue. Contrary to the propanga peddled by the media, Bitcoin is on the greener side, and this article gives you all the details.

Bitcoin Miners Migration to Texas: Should Texans be Worried?

Bitcoin mining Companies relocating from China and elsewhere are settling in Texas. The state has what the companies need, and the companies are bringing capital investments and jobs. Here’s what we know.

Texas Regulators To Investigate FTX And Sam Bankman-Fried

The Texas State Securities Board will launch probes into crypto exchange FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, over violation of the Securities Law.

Mastercard To Aid Banks In Providing Crypto Trading And Custodial Services

Mastercard announced its partnership with Paxos, a crypto brokerage platform, to allow banks to offer custodial and crypto trading services to clients.

7 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks in the US

Cryptocurrencies have disrupted the world of traditional finance ever since Satoshi introduced them in 2009. As a result of their decentralized nature, many governmental authorities and financial institutions identified them as the enemy, banning them from most or all of their domains.

Ledn Co-Founder Claims The Future Looks Bright For The Bitcoin Lending Industry

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Ledn, expressed his opinions on the future of crypto lending and claimed that the lending industry is maturing.

The Conference Board Reports 99% Of CEOs Are Preparing For A UK Recession

A survey conducted by The Conference Board, a non-profit research firm, revealed that the confidence of CEOs in the UK and US economies has hit an all-time low since the Great Recession.

Celsius To Pay Over $3M As Legal Counsel Fees

Monthly fee statements from law firms revealed that Celsius owes them over $3M as litigation counsel expenses.

India To Develop Standard Operating Procedures For Crypto During G20 Presidency

According to the Finance Minister of India, the nation will focus on creating a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency during its G20 presidency next year.

Coinbase CEO To Sell 2% Of His Company Stake

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, revealed his plans to sell 2% of his company holdings over the next year.

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Latest news

BlockFi Sues Ex FTX CEO Bankman-Fried Over shares in Investment Company Robinhood.

BlockFi launches lawsuit against SBF shell company in a bid to enforce their previous agreement.

FTX Contagion Spreads As BlockFi Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

BlockFi emerged as the latest victim of FTX’s collapse as the crypto lender and eight of its associate firms filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Aave Pauses Lending Markets For 17 Ethereum-based Tokens

Aave has temporarily frozen lending markets for 17 Ethereum-based tokens. According to the approved proposal, these are low-liquidity asset pools, and their freezing will reduce the risk profile for highly volatile assets.‍

Binance Transfers 127K Bitcoin To An Unknown Wallet As Part Of Proof-Of-Reserve Audit

After Binance moved 127K Bitcoin tokens to an unknown wallet, Changpeng Zhao claimed that the transaction was a part of the exchange's Proof-of-Reserve (PoR) audit.

Kiln Raises $17.6 Million To Expand Its Offerings

Crypto staking platform, Kiln has generated $17.6 million in fundraising led by Illuminate Financial. The fund will be used to expand its staking offerings for both its validators and competitors.

Alameda Research Withdrew $204M From FTX US Before Filing For Bankruptcy

Arkham Intelligence reported Alameda Research pulled out crypto assets worth $204M from FTX US before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11.

Alabama State Regulator Begins Investigations On Genesis

Alabama Securities Commission is investigating Genesis Global for violation of security laws. The regulator aims to ascertain if Genesis enticed residents to invest without proper registration.‍

Binance Launches Proof of Reserves System In Line With Its Commitment Towards Transparency

Binance launches Proof-of-Reserves in a bid to show transparency. The crypto community reacts to this milestone

Crypto Exchange CoinList Refutes Rumours of Bankruptcy and Insolvency

CoinList addresses rumors of insolvency and bankruptcy...Highlights reason for pause in withdrawals.

Bitcoin Assets Worth $1.65B Withdrawn From Coinbase In 2 Days

Coinbase recorded the third-highest volume of Bitcoin withdrawals as 100K BTC tokens were pulled out of the exchange in the last 48 hours.

TRON Founder Claims Poloniex May Merge With Huobi In The Future

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), revealed there is a possibility of crypto exchanges Poloniex and Huobi merging in the future.

Matrixport Seeks To Raise $100M To Hit $1.5B Valuation

Matrixport targets $100M in funding to attain a $1.5B valuation after securing $50M from its undisclosed investors.

Binance Commits $1B As Recovery Fund For Distressed Crypto Companies

Binance has pledged $1B as an industry recovery fund for distressed crypto companies. The fund established by the exchange will help provide financial support and serve as an avenue for restoring confidence in Web3.

Bybit To Aid Institutional Traders By Launching $100M Support Fund

Bybit announced its plans to launch a $100M support fund to help institutional traders and market makers brave the current market conditions.

Regulation news

Alabama State Regulator Begins Investigations On Genesis

Alabama Securities Commission is investigating Genesis Global for violation of security laws. The regulator aims to ascertain if Genesis enticed residents to invest without proper registration.‍

Attorney Claims Substantial Amount Of FTX’s Assets Are Stolen Or Missing

James Bromley reported that a large portion of FTX’s assets remain unaccounted for. He claimed that FTX has begun adding measures to safeguard its clients’ assets under the leadership of John J. Ray III.

Bitcoin news

China Owns $3.9B Bitcoin Worth Despite Its Anti-Crypto Stance

The Chinese government has been known for its anti-crypto stance and clampdowns. However, it owns $6B worth of cryptocurrencies, including $3.9 billion worth of Bitcoin, $1.2 billion worth of Ethereum, and other cryptos.

Stone Ridge Launches Bitcoin Lightning Accelerator, Wolf

Stone Ridge has launched Wolf, a Bitcoin Lightning accelerator. It aims to enable start-ups and founders to develop their businesses or ideas on the Lightning Network.
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