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Best Crypto Credit Cards of February 2024

Cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving into a widely accepted medium of financial exchange, and as such, many financial institutions now offer crypto-based services similar to those provided by traditional banks. One of these services is the crypto credit card service.

These cards are connected to your crypto account, but they work like regular credit cards since they facilitate transactions and allow you to earn rewards on your spending.

Many crypto credit cards are available, but choosing the right fit can be difficult. Fortunately, we have researched for you, so keep reading to learn about the best crypto credit cards available right now.

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Best Crypto Credit Cards Summary

Nexo Card: Best overall crypto credit card

Gemini Credit Card: Great rewards

Venmo Credit Card: Backed by Paypal for peace of mind


Nexo Credit Card

Nexo Savings Accounts


NEXO Tokens

Best overall crypto credit card

The Nexo card allows users to earn up to 2% cashback in crypto rewards. If you earn your rewards in Nexo tokens, you will get 2%. But, if you choose to earn in Bitcoin, you will only get 0.5%.

Beware of the interest calculations

Interest accrues on that balance as soon as you make a purchase. The interest accrues and compounds daily.

The interest rate depends on your Nexo loyalty level. The loyalty level increases as the percentage of Nexo tokens you hold in your account increases.

For example, platinum members need to hold at least 10% of their portfolio in Nexo tokens. As a result, they have a 0%-6.9% interest rate depending on their card balances and collateral.

In other words, while using the Nexo card, try to keep your LTV low and repay your card balance as soon as you can.


You can use this card anywhere Mastercard is accepted


There are no annual fees. There are no foreign transaction fees of up to $20,000.

Credit checks

Unlike some other cards, the Nexo card requires no credit checks.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Nexo currently accepts various cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, and many others. In total, about 17 cryptocurrencies are supported by Nexo.

Unconventional interest calculations

You need to make sure you repay daily to avoid huge interest fees. Furthermore, Nexo require NEXO staking in order to get their best rates.

Pros & Cons

Frequently asked questions


Gemini Credit Card

Gemini Credit Card


Great rewards

Great option for cashback rewards

The Gemini Credit Card was announced in January 2021. The card runs on the Mastercard payment network and provides lots of bonuses, including getting up to 3% cashback on all purchases.

Crypto Rewards

Cardholders earn 3% back on dining on up to $6,000 spent, 2% back on groceries, and then 1% on everything else. The different spending categories allow users to maximize their earnings and encourage the use of credit card for everyday purchases.

Instant rewards

Receive rewards when the transaction occurs, not months later

Not everything is 3%

Up to 3% back on dining,† 2% back on groceries, 1% back on all other purchases


Available to use anywhere Mastercard is accepted


For now, the Gemini Credit Card is only available in the US


two-factor authentication process protects every account from unauthorized access. To confirm that authorized persons carried out transactions, users receive real-time alerts based on transaction size or type.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The card allows cardholders to earn various crypto assets available on the platform. Rewards are now available in Bitcoin, Ether, or 60+ other cryptocurrencies.


The Gemini card can be used with little to no fees for most transactions. There are no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, or exchange fees to acquire your rewards

Pros & Cons

Rewards can be earned in real-time

Available in every US state

Highly secure crypto platform

High trading fees

Frequently asked questions


Venmo Credit Card

Venmo Credit Card


Buy Crypto

Backed by Paypal

The Venmo card provides rewards in different categories. The percentage reward you earn depends on the spending category. You earn 3% cashback on your top spending category. Then you can earn 2% cashback on the next category, and 1% on the others.

Rewards earned on the Venmo credit card never expire as long as the account is open and in good standing.

When you sign up for Cashback to Crypto for  your Venmo Credit Card, Venmo will use the cashback from your Venmo account to buy the cryptocurrency of your choosing. You can choose to convert your cashback to crypto automatically, but this won't be possible if your earnings are less than $1.


You can use this card anywhere Visa is accepted


Up to 3% crypto cash back


There are no limits on how much you can earn in rewards


There are no annual fees attached to the Venmo card. The conversion of your earnings to any crypto of your choice also attracts no fees.


Since the Venmo Card is backed by Visa, the card comes with Visa Traditional Credit Card benefits and protection.

Pros & Cons

The Difference between Crypto Debit Cards and Crypto Credit Cards Explained

Also known as a Bitcoin debit card, a crypto debit card is a physical card that allows you to access supported crypto from your digital wallet. The card enables you to access your crypto holdings whenever you’re shopping at a store that accepts payment using Visa cards.

The card platform converts your crypto into the accepted currency as you make your payment. You have to maintain a crypto assets or fiat balance in your digital wallet to use a crypto debit card.

What is a Crypto Credit Card?

Users of crypto credit cards use the money borrowed from the card issuer. The card company provides funds to increase your balance every time you buy. And like your traditional card, a crypto credit card allows you to earn rewards, though they are in the form of the cryptocurrency you use.

One key benefit of using crypto credit cards is that it’s a risk-free way for users to earn more cryptocurrency as they spend their crypto. Despite the volatility affecting the cryptocurrency market, crypto credit cardholders only risk their rewards, not their savings. This now is an excellent option for anyone who admires cryptocurrencies but is still a risk-averse skeptic.

What is a Crypto Debit Card?

A Crypto debit card works similar to a traditional debit card. However, unlike your regular card that draws from your bank account balance, a crypto debit card draws funds from your cryptocurrency account. And just like your usual card, you can use it to make purchases or ATM withdrawals.

In addition to helping convert your crypto holdings into fiat currencies, using some crypto debit cards lets you save on foreign transaction fees. The only would-be drawback involves geographical restrictions and potential taxation in some jurisdictions.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Debit Cards

The following are a few significant factors you need to give consideration when you’re choosing the best debit crypto cards:

Rewards Offered

The next consideration when comparing the best crypto credit cards is the crypto rewards they offer. As a rule of thumb, the higher the reward rate, the more cryptocurrency you will earn. You also want to be sure that the crypto coin they use as a reward isn’t too risky or volatile.

While some cards offer flat reward rates for all purchases, others offer varying rewards for different categories. Choose a card that offers higher rewards in areas with your spending habits.

Payable Fees

The best crypto debit cards should be affordable. However, be careful about specific fees. Some cards are free to use, but they charge various other fees here and there. The different hidden fees you need to interrogate include foreign transaction fees or crypto sales fees that show up after you’ve earned some crypto rewards.

Ease of Use

The best thing about having a Bitcoin debit card in your wallet is being able to convert your crypto tokens to fiat currency. You don’t want crypto debit cards with complicated processes that make you feel like you’re studying rocket science. Locate an easy-to-use card that is in line with your personal cryptocurrency needs.


What’s the need for a crypto debit card that you can’t use? Go for a crypto debit card you can use in your current location or places you love to visit. As long as a card is issued by Visa or Mastercard, it will definitely be accepted in most places. It’s the only way you can access your crypto assets 24/7.

The Best Debit Crypto Cards

Whether you’re interested in a crypto debit card that offers crypto rewards, one with the smallest fees, or one that supports many cryptocurrencies, there are different crypto debit cards to choose from. There are also different types of cards that don’t charge transaction fees or others that run intuitive mobile apps.

Whatever your definition of the best crypto debit cards, be careful to choose from the available options based on your spending and investment lifestyle. That’s because there will always be a crypto debit card based on your fees, perks, and other preferred features.

And here, we address a few nagging concerns.

Where can I use a Crypto Debit Card?

Since most Bitcoin debit cards are Visa or Mastercard branded, you can use them anywhere those brands are accepted. You can also use your crypto debit card in online stores and make free international ATM withdrawals.

Are Crypto Debit Cards Safe?

Crypto debit cards are safe as they are designed with security features. They include security codes, two-factor authentication (2FA), and biometric scanning like fingerprints. And like the traditional debit cards, you can freeze or cancel the card once you suspect fraud.

What is the Best Method for Picking a Card?

After making comparisons, interrogate different card providers to ensure security and trustworthiness. Most importantly, select a card that addresses your personal needs and is easy to use and fund.

Best Crypto Credit Cards