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Best Bitcoin Lending Platforms of February 2023

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of Bitcoin lending platforms. These platforms have become popular because they allow Bitcoin enthusiasts to use their assets to borrow Bitcoin or other crypto assets without having to sell their Bitcoin.

But what are the best Bitcoin lending platforms out there? And what factors, if any, should one consider before choosing a Bitcoin lending platform? This article will address these questions in depth. You can then decide which of the Bitcoin lending platforms best suits you.

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Best Bitcoin Lending Platform Summary

  • Nexo: The best overall Bitcoin lending platform

  • YouHodler: The most diverse Bitcoin lending platform

  • CoinLoan: The best Bitcoin lending platform with low-interest rates

  • BlockFi: The best Bitcoin lending platform for crypto beginners

  • Nexo

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    7% APY

    Intro offer

    Invite friends and earn up to $1,000, paid out in Bitcoin


    775,000,000 USD for theft, hacking, loss of keys and more

    Worth noting

    Earn 2% more when opting to earn interest in NEXO tokens

  • CoinLoan

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    5.2–7.2% APY

    Intro offer

    No current offers


    $100M insurance included

    Worth noting

    Earn higher interest and pay lower fees when staking their CLT token

  • YouHodler

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    3.05% APY

  • Finblox

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    4% APY

  • Ledn

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    6% APY

  • Binance

    Bitcoin (BTC)

    5% APY