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1 LAI =$0.0134Last updated:
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Price of LayerAI (LAI) today

As of the latest data, LayerAI (LAI) is currently priced at $0.0134 with a market capitalization of $3.82M. The 24-hour trading volume stands at $5.17M, The circulating supply of LayerAI is approximately 1.98B. The cryptocurrency has seen a -8.63% decrease in value over the past 24 hours.

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About LayerAI (LAI)

The asset with the ID 107394 is known as LayerAI, with the symbol LAI. LayerAI's key features and technology are currently undefined, as well as its short summary and meta description. The asset does not have any associated links to its GitHub repository, website, whitepaper, Twitter, or Reddit accounts. Additionally, there is no information available regarding any header image, header text, or videos associated with LayerAI. The last update for LayerAI was recorded as 1,712,541,644.

LayerAI's main use case and purpose remain unclear due to the lack of information provided. It is essential to gather more details about LayerAI's features, technology, and overall functionality to understand its potential applications and benefits. As of now, the asset's profile is limited to basic identification data, with no specific insights into its capabilities or target market. Further exploration and research are necessary to determine the value and relevance of LayerAI in the digital asset landscape.

How does LayerAI work?

LayerAI (LAI) operates as a decentralized platform that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries. Through its consensus mechanisms, such as proof of stake or proof of work, LAI ensures the security and transparency of transactions. Its unique features include smart contracts, which automate and enforce agreements between parties, and tokenization, allowing for the creation of digital assets. LAI can be used in a variety of industries, including finance, supply chain management, and healthcare, to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Its decentralized nature and innovative functionalities set it apart from traditional financial systems, offering a more secure and efficient way to conduct transactions and manage assets.

How to keep your LayerAI (LAI) safe?

To keep your LayerAI (LAI) safe, it is recommended to utilize hardware wallets such as Ledger for enhanced security. These wallets store your private keys offline, protecting them from potential cyber threats. Additionally, using trusted platforms like Kucoin and Bybit can provide an extra layer of security for your LAI holdings. These platforms implement strict security measures, such as encryption and two-factor authentication, to safeguard your assets from unauthorized access. By combining the use of hardware wallets and trusted platforms, you can ensure the safety of your LayerAI investments.

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