About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is a leading digital asset management platform that enables anyone, anywhere to borrow, swap and grow digital currencies securely and on favourable terms.

Who is CoinLoan?

CoinLoan is a leading digital asset management platform that enables anyone, anywhere to borrow, swap and grow digital currencies securely and on favourable terms.

The fast-growing company, which is an established player on the Bittrex Global Digital Assets Exchange, makes it easy for users to understand cryptocurrency trading in a safe and efficient manner. CoinLoan offers three main services for smart digital asset management, including interest account, cryptocurrency-backed loans and cryptocurrency exchange. The only regulated and fully insured cryptocurrency loan company in Europe, it boasts more than 70,000 customers worldwide. The innovative organisation that aims to change the way crypto is purchased and traded is based in Estonia.

CoinLoan’s blockchain-encrypted platform enables users to store idle assets and exchange values through just a click, with no paperwork required. It’s a revolutionary solution that aims to make managing bitcoin and cryptocurrency more efficient through connecting lenders to borrowers while estimating the risks involved.

As the only regulated crypto loan player in Europe, CoinLoan is set to launch a proprietary payment system that aims to further enhance clients’ confidence, through providing insurance completely independent from banks.


CoinLoan’s mission is to help people generate higher values for idle cryptocurrency assets each time digital asset exchanges peak.  The revolutionary fintech platform aims to make it easier to exchange and manage digital assets while minimising bureaucracy, allowing users to trade safely and be completely independent of banks, while maintaining control of their digital assets.


CoinLoan is a smart asset management platform with three main services: interest account, crypto instant loans, and crypto exchange.

  • Interest account - The place to store idle assets. Users earn interest in the same currency, can withdraw assets whenever they want. CoinLoan does not have penalties for timings on withdrawals etc. 
  • Instant loans - For users who own bitcoin and do not want to sell it or lose interest. This feature allows users to exchange values with just one click. They can borrow against their crypto balance within minutes, without the need for paperwork. Instant loans are also available for users to exit and enter positions quickly when major news occurs, and when prices fluctuate at a moment’s notice.
  • Crypto exchange - A convenient place to buy, sell, or swap coins on the go. CoinLoan accepts fiat deposits, so users can easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc. safely and securely in just a matter of minutes.

Company Details

Headquarters address: Lastekodu tn 25-38, Harju maakond, Tallinn, 10113, Estonia


Max Sapelov, Co-founder and CTO\ Alex Faliushin, Founder and CEO\ Ilia Stadnik, CMO\ Mike Rozhko, CBDO

FAQs: https://help.coinloan.io/en/

Year founded: 2017

Amount of employees: over 100

Website: https://coinloan.io

Contact email: support@coinloan.io

Contact phone number:

US Phone Number: +1 (657) 220-1706 EU Phone Number: +372 634 6411

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