Celsius Network Savings Interest Rates

Earn up to 16.45% APY. Compare Celsius Network savings accounts to maximise your earnings.

Celsius Lending Rates
CoinPlatformInterest Rate (APY)
13 June 2022 | Celsius Network has paused all account withdrawals. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Celsius Network pay interest?

Every Friday, rewards are calculated and given on Monday. That is, if you move funds to your Celsius account in the middle of the week, you will continue to earn prorated rewards on those assets until the accrual period ends on Friday. If you transfer your coins on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your first reward payment will be made the following Monday.

How does Celsius pay interest?

The interest you earn is distributed in the form of the cryptocurrency you are lending. For example, if you have USDC in Celsius, every Monday you will receive more USDC. This cryptocurrency interest is automatically deposited back into your Celsius account, where it will continue to earn interest and compound over time.

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