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What is Nebeus? | The founders explain

We were lucky enough to get some time with Sergey to explain what Nebeus is, its story to date and why you should take notice of it.

Sergey Romanovsky founded London-based Nebeus in 2014 with a vision of creating a secure user friendly one stop financial services platform providing integrated crypto-fiat products to customers in Europe. Right now Nebeus is one of the leading providers of crypto based services in EU. Based in Barcelona, Mr. Romanovsky holds a degree in organic geochemistry from Novosibirsk State University and an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from Higher Commercial Management School.

What is Nebeus and what do you do?

Nebeus is a fintech platform providing a wide array of integrated crypto-fiat services since 2014. We have a solid customer base of both seasoned crypto users and crypto enthusiasts who are learning new ways to use their digital assets benefiting them in every-day life. Until recently crypto ownership didn’t allow for many options limiting holders to selling or trading. Today we provide services that make it possible to own crypto, keep it, grow it and get cash using it at the same time. Some of the products and services Nebeus offers are:

Crypto backed loans:

We provide crypto backed loans with one of the highest LTV on the market – 72% and 80% -- respectfully. It is important to us that we provide customers with most fair terms so they borrow with confidence that they are getting the most out of their pledged crypto. And we give customers tools such as Nebeus exclusive Loan Health Monitor so they can check the status of their loan any moment. They can track the value of their collateral and make changes to the loan should crypto prices drop and the value of the pledge decreases. Extra services like that or the flexibility of paying off the loan early with no extra fees make customers comfortable and secure on Nebeus platform.

Interest earning High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSA)

Nebeus HYSA pays one of the highest interest rates on the market. We offer two options so our customers have choices and can try this service in a manner that suits their needs, keeping crypto in Nebeus savings account can bring up to 8.25% APY and we pay in out monthly. It’s a great way to make some extra passive income and a definite benefit to our customers to move their assets from regular wallet account into HYSA.

Cold storage Vault

This service is actually free to Nebeus customers. It’s a nice perk and an added security feature. Quite a few crypto holders have assets they don’t use regularly. Keeping in in Nebeus Cold Vault gives them a peace of mind that comes along with knowing your investment is securely stored in advanced off-line storage.

Nebeus’s great exchange rate and an instant card withdrawal feature make customer experience with us complete. And we constantly are working on adding new services and features as well. Just recently we added Top Up With Card option allowing our customers add fiat funds to their account with a debit or credit card so they can either pay off the loan without selling more crypto or they can actually buy more BTC, ETH through Nebeus and add to their current holdings.

Could you tell us more about your team and what they do?

Right now Nebeus team consists of over 30 highly skilled individuals in the areas of financial services, technologies, security, product building and customer support. Combined we have decades of experience. The best thing about us is that we all love what we do. We are diverse, knowledgeable and dedicated to the present of this segment and at the same time always looking forward. It’s a great time to be a part of crypto service industry and we are literally helping build it.

Where are you headquartered and how is the industry there?

Nebeus is headquartered in London, with our lending operation out of Spain. Our main customer base is European and cryptocurrency definitely found a solid ground here. There have been significant moves to support and guide this industry into the future with many European countries developing clear regulations and some embracing cryptocurrency even further. We have always understood that crypto industry will not remain unregulated for long, so we have been at the forefront self-regulating even before it became a norm.

What is the long-term vision for Nebeus?

Nebeus is aiming to be a true one-stop shop for every crypto holder. Growing our services to include more geographies is one direction. And expanding product line based on customer needs is definitely the other. Crypto backed financial services will, no doubt, eventually become as familiar as conventional banking products and we are working to anticipate and build the platform that would make customers safe and comfortable in this financial space.

Whom do you see as your competition? And Why should people use you over another competitor?

Integrated crypto-fiat services are relatively new in financial industry and not only there are still not that many companies working in this segment, many chose to narrow their services down to one or two products. We are actually looking to broaden our reach providing many different products and then launching services within those products to enhance the usability. So I feel Nebeus is well positioned on the European market and we have technological and talent capacity to scale up both geographically and service wise when we are ready to do so. We always encourage customers to do their homework and shop around so they make an educated choice, and when they choose Nebeus it is because we do stand apart from the competition by providing higher LTV on our loans, higher interest rates on our savings, giving extra tools and services whether it is tracking the loan conditions or adding funds to the account to buy more crypto, and finally – the unprecedented speed with which we get customers from transaction to getting cash. Getting a loan, withdrawing interest earned on savings or exchanging and getting the cash to a card – we are literally talking mere minutes. Not many can claim that with confidence. We can.

What are your thoughts on DeFi vs CeFi?

While DeFi remains a viable option for many Nebeus is working in the CeFi space which we feel gives our customer an added level of security. It was a conscious choice to uphold the standards presented by CeFi. It allows us to provide the flexibility and security of our services that Nebeus customers have grown accustomed to.

Are you looking to collaborate with others? Any particular partners you’re looking for?

We are always open to partnerships. Crypto focused online professional space is very diverse, and we think we can find ways to cooperate with most of them. We want our customers to have access to as many options as possible and at the same time we know we can make partnership interesting to those crypto focused business that would like to add options to their users as well. As I said – it’s a new industry so we can work on shaping it together, providing crypto holding consumers with access to services that benefit them the most. We invite anyone who has ideas or would like to look for ways to partner to reach out to Nebeus.

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