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Regal Assets is rocking the marketplace with its specialties in precious metals and cryptocurrency. Get your complete Regal Assets crypto IRA review here.

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Regal Assets

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Are cryptocurrencies too volatile for retirement investments? A growing number of consumers don't think so. And financial services have arisen to provide self-directed Bitcoin IRA options.

For example, Bitcoin IRA surpassed $400 million in consumer retirement investments last March. This impressive feat underlies the significance of cryptos in every aspect of today's investment world.

Of course, Bitcoin IRA isn't the only company enjoying substantial growth. Other crypto IRA companies have also witnessed a spike in users.

In this Regal Assets Crypto IRA review, we'll take a look at one such enterprise. Regal Assets remains the standard for gold IRA and digital currency IRA options. It boasts incomparable user reviews, aggressive competitive fee structures, and much more.

In a nutshell, Regal Assets represents a real gamechanger in the crypto-verse. Here's what you need to know about this top-rated platform.

What Is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets provides retirement products held in precious metals and gold IRA options. Recently, the company branched out into a new area, Bitcoin IRA accounts. Like its precious metal offerings, the company's crypto IRAs have received plenty of positive attention.

The unquestioned leader of the gold IRA universe, Regal Assets boasts countless awards. Yet, the company continues to push the envelope. Today, they also provide customers with some of the best crypto IRA options on the market.

Regal Assets isn't satisfied with merely ranking as the best in the self-directed IRA industry. Instead, the company goes the extra mile. It provides consumers with the financial education needed to thrive in retirement.

What do we mean by educational resources? The company offers a free Gold IRA informational kit. Regal Assets also provides consumers with a highly informative Bitcoin IRA kit. When working with the company, you'll feel impressed by their well-trained and highly educated account representatives.

When it's all said and done, knowledge is everything. Especially when it comes to the financial world.

From lowering your crypto tax liability to earning more through 100x leverage, education represents power. You need to bone up on your knowledge to make the most of your crypto investment efforts.

But knowing how and where to do this has represented a challenge. That is until Regal Assets came onto the digital currency scene.

The company emphasizes the importance of making well-informed decisions. Regal Assets also takes great pride in its service quality.


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Regal Assets: A Brief History

How did Regal Assets get started? In 2009, with Tyler Gallagher, an account executive and US gold dealer.

Taylor dove into the self-directed precious metals IRA market with Regal Assets. Surprisingly, he did so with little more than $5,000 in capital and an ambitious dream.

What was that dream? Gallagher envisioned rejuvenating and streamlining the precious metals investment arena.

How? By creating a company with a stellar reputation. To do this, he maintained a laser focus on nixing red-tape-style bureaucracy. He also worked hard to mitigate the confusion accompanying precious metals investments.

Over the past decade, Gallagher has built the most accomplished gold IRA company in the US. In the process, he's earned international recognition. Publications as broad-sweeping as Smart Money, The Huffington Post, and Forbes all sing the praises of Regal Assets.

But the awards don't stop there. Regal Assets enjoys a number 20 ranking in the financial service category on INC 500. Reuters has showcased the company via Reuters' Times Square sign, too.

As you can see, the company brings a highly successful approach to the investments it facilitates. What's more, the company has now applied the lessons learned through precious metals investing to crypto IRA accounts.

Features and Services Provided by Regal Assets

Regal Assets started as a one-man operation. But by 2020, the precious metals company had offices in the US as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Dubai. The company also recently expanded overseas into Australia.

The American office handles the following services:

  • Gold RRSP accounts in Canada

  • Home delivery of metals

  • Gold SIPP and SASS accounts in the United Kingdom

  • International clients via the company's Dubai office

Today Regal Assets can deliver and store precious metals and cryptocurrencies for clients in nearly every developed nation in the world. Its crypto IRA permits customers to hold digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other "alternative assets."

How Secure Are Regal Asset Cryptocurrency IRA Accounts?

Regal Assets offers the most extensive choice of cryptocurrencies available for IRA accounts. The company also makes security a number one priority. They've worked hard to ensure their crypto IRA proves the most hacker-proof product on the market.

All assets are fully insured. They're kept in cold storage to guarantee the highest standards of security. No other crypto IRA on the market today offers this high level of selection and safety.

Regal Assets Fees

When you open an account with Regal Assets, you'll pay an annual vault storage fee of $125 as well as an annual administrative fee of $90. There are no set-up or administrative fees charged during your first year with the company.

Of course, these are minor drawbacks when considering all of the benefits associated with using Regal Assets. What's more, issues such as crypto volatility aren't explicitly related to any company or brand.

Nevertheless, you must carefully weigh this risk, and Regal Assets helps you do this with their robust focus on education.

Regal Assets Crypto IRA Review: The Takeaway

A growing number of customers continue to turn to Regal Assets for their investment needs and with good reason. The company has created a stellar reputation with its precious metals IRAs. Now, it has applied these lessons to how it handles crypto IRAs as we've outlined in this Regal Assets crypto IRA review.

Among the many benefits of having an account through Regal Assets is taking advantage of its aggressive competitive fee structures. You can also rest assured the company's financial advisors will go the extra mile for you. Regal Assets remains set apart by excellent customer reviews and very few complaints.

Are you ready to learn about other ways to invest in cryptos? If so, we've got you covered. Explore the wide variety of cryptocurrencies available today.

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