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2Gether Review: The Pros, Cons and How it Compares

With 2Gether, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the actual market price and also sign up for a Crypto Visa card. Get your full 2Gether review here.

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What is 2Gether?

Founded by Luis Estrada and Salvador Casquero Algarra in 2016, 2Gether is a crypto trading application that users can leverage to buy and sell digital currencies at the actual market price. The app does not charge any additional fees except passing on the third-party costs. The core vision of 2Gether is to expedite the world’s transition to decentralized finance where users would take full ownership and control of the services they use. 2Gether also wants to embellish the traditional paradigm of transactional finance with the adornments of artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. 

2Gether Crypto Services

Using 2Gether, you can invest in more than 15 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano ADA, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin, XRP, DAI, 2GT, and many more. The app keeps on adding new coins to its service-portfolio each month. 

It would be relevant to mention here that 2GT is 2Gether’s native token. Not only 2GT serves as the fuel of 2Gether, but it also works as a signifier of ownership. By acquiring a minimum of 10 Euros in 2GT, you participate in the funding of the project as a founder. 


USD Margin Lending

  • Return rates optimized daily
  • Secure, stable investment growth
  • No minimum
  • No lock-up period, withdraw anytime

The founder enjoys certain benefits including a reduced rate of trading commission, the 2Gether VISA card, and a Bonus for inviting friends. If the acquisition is more than 10 Euros, you can enjoy enhanced benefits in the form of a trading commission refund, cashback on the 2Gether VISA card, and commission refund at ATMs.


Pros & Cons of 2Gether


  • Almost all the popular and high-growth digital assets are up for trade at no additional fees on 2Gether.
  • The app has a lucrative referral system. By onboarding the first guest on the app, you can earn 300 2GT tokens as your referral bonus. For every subsequent onboarding, you can earn anywhere between 100 2GT tokens per friend to 300 2GT tokens per friend depending on the number of people you onboard.
  • By becoming a co-owner of the platform by acquiring 2GT tokens of a certain value, you qualify for 2Gether VISA card cashback ranging anywhere between 1% and 5%, and commissions refund at ATMs anywhere between 4 and 8 cashbacks per month.
  • With your 2Gether Visa card, you can spend your cryptocurrencies or Euros anywhere you like.


  • The app witnessed a severe security breach in the recent past when roughly €1.183 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen by the hackers from its investment accounts.
  • 2Gether does not have any insurance covers for user funds.
  • Users have complained of poor customer service.
  • Verification often takes indefinitely long.
  • 2Gether is only available in the Eurozone area.
  • Unlike other major players in the crypto trading space, 2Gether does not keep the majority of its user funds in a cold offline wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2Gether

We’ve compiled some answers to questions we often get. Should you have any other questions, feel free to reach out below in the comments.

How Secure is the 2Gether App?

The security of 2Gether global is shared between 2Gether and AWS. While AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud, 2Gether is responsible for security in the cloud. AWS, as a world-renowned provider of cloud infrastructure, holds several globally-regraded security certifications including HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 1, 2, 3, Cloud security Alliance Controls, ENS High (Spain), C5 (Germany), ASIP HDS (France), TISAX. As far as 2Gether’s responsibility in securing the app is concerned, it follows many relevant security practices by encrypting data volumes, storing sensitive information and configuration files using industry-standard AES-256 algorithms, and using protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) or IPsec.

What are the Crypto Currencies Supported by 2Gether?

The complete list of digital assets that 2Gether supports includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, EOS, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, QTUM, Cardano, BAT, DAI, WAVES, Tezos, Tether, Uniswap, ChainLink, and 2GT.

Are There Any Geographic Restrictions?

The services of the 2Gether app are available in 22 European countries. These countries are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, and Monaco.

Does 2Gether Use Client’s Personal Data?

2Gether strictly adheres to the GDPR and complies with the best practices and guidelines issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. It segregates user’s personal information from other information and all this information is encrypted using a multi-layer encryption service.

How Much Commission Does 2Gether Charge?

2Gether’s trading commission that can also be seen as the exchange commission is 0.52% for users who do not hold any 2GT coins. For holders of at least 10 Euros worth of 2GT, the trading commission is 0.26%.

Using 2Gether, you can keep a track of the prices of different cryptocurrencies and their evolution in real-time. The 2Gether VISA card helps you spend your cryptos or your Euros anywhere you want. It does not incur any additional usage cost. Neither does it require you to pay any maintenance fee. 

You can use 2Gether to send and receive crypto assets. Bring your BTC or ETH holdings to your app and send them to any external address from your application. 

The 2Gether app is available for download both on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store. On the Google Play Store, the app has got more than 100,000 installs to date, whereas on the iOS app store it features in the list of top 30 apps in Finance.

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