dYdX Coins

Explore a list of dYdX supported coins.


  • Best Ethereum ROI
  • Best Ethereum rate

dYdX offers little to no ROI opportunity.

Expect a better return on your ETH investment with any alternative provider including Hodlnaut.

USD Coin

  • Best USD Coin rate
  • Best USD Coin ROI

Earn up to 8.82% APY on USDC.

Because dYdX offers a reasonable USD Coin interest rate, you may be able to make a considerable return on your investment.

dYdX offers an good USD Coin interest rate.


  • Best Dai ROI
  • Best Dai rate

dYdX offers basic ROI opportunity.

Stronger options are available, if you're after a greater annual return on your DAI.


  • Best Sai rate

Earn up to 0% APY on SAI.

dYdX is in the bottom range of Sai interest rates. Alternatives such as Compound provide higher yearly returns.

Find better rates with SAI rates with alternatives.

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