Will Ethereum surpass Bitcoin?

Ethereum is more practical and scalable than all existing cryptocurrencies. Despite being called an "altcoin", it has the potential of growing beyond Bitcoin.

Dean Fankhauser1 min read
Will Ethereum surpass Bitcoin?

A question that has divided the crypto world is which currency will reign supreme. According to Todd Morley, the co-founder of Guggenheim and chairman of Overline, a Wireless protocol and the “worlds largest NFT museum”, Ethereum should be the coin to reign them all.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV on Monday, Morley described Bitcoin as “a thing”, but that “Ethereum has a much higher utility through smart contracts”.

In an ever more digital world, an industry that doesn’t have a technological strategy for digitalization, “is going out of business”. Additionally, Morley believes that Blockchain technology is moving quickly into other areas.

According to the Overline chairman, the large-scale deployment of Ethereum’s utility function and access to assets hasn’t quite happened yet but is expected to happen soon and Morley hopes to be one of the leaders of this deployment.

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