Shaktiio Brings Anti-Liquidation Protocol in CeFi Lending

Shaktiio introduces its anti-liquidation protocol, which is set to be a breakthrough in the crypto lending and borrowing market.

Bishal Kumar Chanda2 min read
Shaktiio Brings Anti-Liquidation Protocol in CeFi Lending

Shaktiio presents a liquidation protection program for CeFi platforms based on its anti-liquidation protocol. The crypto lending and borrowing market grew significantly in 2021, and it has attracted several borrowers and financial institutions with better gains. But the extensive use of trading instruments like leverage has resulted in banks and other financial institutions getting imposed with a massive amount of collateral. Compared to traditional markets, the crypto market is more susceptible to volatility. In case of a steep market decline caused by mass selling or mass hysteria, methods for preventing mass liquidations need to be developed.

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The crypto market has witnessed cutting edge technologies and various innovations. But these technological breakthroughs have also led to increased fraud and market manipulation. As a result, a higher number of forced liquidations are causing problems to both leverage traders and crypto-backed borrowers. This is where Shaktiio comes into play with its anti-liquidation protocol; it prevents such forced liquidations from occurring. It provides a system that ensures that the collateralized cryptocurrencies are not traded and prevents liquidation if their price falls below specific limits. The crypto whales will now have a more challenging time manipulating the crypto markets.

Shaktiio's new ecosystem also provides various new incentives for onboarding new members to their platform. Holders of the platform's native currency SKTO will be rewarded for participating in trades through the member-only incentive program. Adding this reward system, Shaktiio plans on a quick global expansion and mass adoption. Shaktiio can maintain its consistency in its pursuit of success and plans to develop the anti-liquidation ecosystem further.

Shaktiio has also established a 100% return policy in its ICO phase, where investors can claim their invested ETH back as a return. The return happens when the platform's ecosystem has reached the required degree of growth. Investors will also be eligible to claim the transaction charge in USD with their original investment. The ICO is announced to start on March 1, 2022, so you can follow them on their social media to stay updated. With Shaktiio's anti-liquidation protocol, users will no longer have to worry about their collaterals getting liquidated. If you are new to this space, we recommend you to read our Crypto Lending Safety guide for staying aware of all the risks involved in DeFi and CeFi. You can also check out our Platform Reviews to choose the right one for you.

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