More wins for Ethereum

Billionaire Mark Cuban's investment this week helped Ethereum reach new heights. Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will allow better transactions attracting many investors.

Dean Fankhauser1 min read
More wins for Ethereum

Ethereum reached new heights earlier this week as it surpassed $3400, possibly thanks to the investments of billionaire Mark Cuban, which was announced last Tuesday via Twitter. At least there’s one eccentric businessman that doesn't destroy the market every time he logs in. In an interview with CNBC Mark explained the reasoning behind his decision, explaining that not only does Ethereum process more transactions than Bitcoin but that an upgrade to Ethereum known as Etherium 2.0, which investors seem to agree will allow for several thousand more transactions per second on the blockchain.

Of course Cuban freely acknowledges the risk involved with investing in any new technology. “Just like all major tech companies are at risk of new technologies superseding them, there is always the risk of a better-decentralized chain coming along to disrupt bitcoin and Ethereum.” Despite the risks, he claims to have invested heavily in Ethereum.

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